José M. Rodríguez Silva

Updated Monday, February 26, 2024-17:25

Tomorrow the Government will approve the creation of the

Spanish Society for Technological Transformation (SETT)

, a public company that will mobilize up to

20,000 million euros

of investment and will foreseeably be the entity with which the Executive will take 10% in Telefónica.

The Minister for Digital Transformation and Public Service,

José Luis Escrivá

, has indicated that they will seek to unite a large part of the projects underway in a society to unify capacities and attract professionals who do not exist in the Administration.

Regarding the entry into Telefónica, he has resisted a clear confirmation, but has indicated that "it makes sense to include it in this area, but it is something that we will see over time."

However, in the presentation that Escrivá has used, it is noted that one of the purposes of the company

is to manage the State's participation in the telecommunications sector