China News Service, Hangzhou, February 26 (Xi Jinyan, Linnuo) There is a gray and white old-fashioned small building at No. 160 Qingtai Street, Hangzhou. It is not impressive in appearance, but it is the starting point of the life coordinates of a generation of Zhejiang businessman Zong Qinghou.

Now, this place is surrounded by bunches of flowers, and the cold wind blows across people's hearts, bringing endless sorrow.

  On the 25th, Wahaha Group issued an obituary. Comrade Zong Qinghou, the founder and chairman of the group, passed away at 10:30 on February 25, 2024 at the age of 79 due to ineffective treatment.

After learning the news, many Hangzhou citizens braved the cold wind and spontaneously came to the old site of Wahaha headquarters to lay flowers and pay their respects in memory of this legendary Zhejiang businessman.

On the afternoon of the 25th, people came to lay flowers at the old site of Wahaha headquarters.

Photo by Wang Gang

  No. 160 Qingtai Street is a simple six-story building built around the 1980s. It embodies Zong Qinghou’s lifelong efforts and witnesses his 30 years of struggle.

  The author saw at the scene that the door here was locked and the fallen leaves fell silently in the courtyard.

Outside the courtyard, many bouquets of flowers have been placed.

  Ms. Feng, a "post-90s generation", rushed here as soon as she heard the news and brought a row of AD calcium milk. "When I heard the news, my first reaction was shock and sadness. When I was a child, I often drank Wahaha , it contains my childhood. Only when I grew up did I understand the legendary life of Mr. Zong. He is an admirable entrepreneur, and I wish him good luck all the way."

  Master Sang, the online ride-hailing driver the author took, said that today he has received multiple orders ending at Wahaha’s original headquarters. “What a good entrepreneur, he is sentimental and hard-working, what a pity.”; Wahaha Bian Food Aunt Yu from the store also said that many people came to the store today to buy Wahaha drinks to express their condolences.

On the afternoon of the 25th, people came to the former site of Wahaha headquarters to lay flowers.

Photo by Lin Nuo

  "Post-95s" entrepreneur Wang Jiaming ordered a bouquet of flowers through a food delivery platform.

He regards Zong Qinghou as his entrepreneurial mentor, “I learned from Zong that to start a business, one must have perseverance, be down-to-earth and diligent, and run a business not just for wealth, but also with a heart to give back to society. Only then will we go further and further.”

  Many people reposted Zong Qinghou’s video interviews and written reports on social platforms to remember this legendary Zhejiang businessman; Xiaomi Group founder, chairman and CEO Lei Jun, 360 Group founder Zhou Hongyi and other well-known entrepreneurs and Zhejiang businessmen also One after another wrote in memory, and for a time there was an outpouring of grief.

  Reminiscence articles piece by piece piece together the extraordinary life of this "ordinary man" from various angles and details.

As a person, he is humble, simple, honest and kind; as a business owner, he dares to venture, fight hard, work hard and be practical - this is the common impression of Zong Qinghou in the minds of many people.

  But he claimed to be an ordinary person, a mortal who rose from the bottom.

Fortunately, I was born in a great era; even more fortunately, I got an opportunity, built a company, and gained value realization and recognition.

On a card at the scene, people wrote their memories of Zong Qinghou.

Photo by Lin Nuo

  Bouquets of flowers show Zong Qinghou's importance in people's hearts, which is inseparable from his business territory and his feelings for his family and country.

While starting a business and getting rich, Zong Qinghou cared about his country and his country and was committed to common prosperity. On the one hand, he increased the income of employees, insisted on allocating housing for employees, and strived to allow employees to "have income for their work and a place to live." On the other hand, he was enthusiastic about public welfare and Long-term student assistance has helped more than 30,000 students realize their "college dream."

  "Unify the small family, develop everyone, and serve the country." That's what he said, and he did it.

A generation of Zhejiang businessmen passed away suddenly, but left a rich spiritual legacy.

  When the author left No. 160 Qingtai Street, the night was deep and the temperature was close to zero, but people continued to come to lay flowers. In the cold wind, the white flowers were dotted like stars, illuminating the last journey of a generation of Zhejiang businessmen.