The plan for the year begins with spring.

Spring plowing and spring sowing lay the foundation for food production and are of great significance for achieving year-round food and agricultural harvests.

  At present, various regions are actively preparing various agricultural input products to ensure timely and sufficient supply of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and other agricultural inputs to ensure the smooth progress of spring plowing and spring sowing.

Recently, reporters went to the fields to record the lively scenes of spring plowing preparations being carried out in many places in a solid and orderly manner.


Jilin Nong'an County——

Ensure stable supply of fertilizers

  Walking in the fields of Nong'an County, Changchun City, Jilin Province, although the white snow is still the main color on the land, the vitality of spring plowing and production is already quietly sprouting.

  "Our federation has ordered nearly 30,000 tons of fertilizers." Xu Guochen, chairman of the Jilin Province Qianyi Agricultural Development Professional Cooperative Federation, said that there are currently nearly 400 member societies of the federation, and the cultivated land area is nearly 60,000 hectares. It is expected that the total purchase of chemical fertilizers before spring plowing will reach about 50,000 tons.

  As the "ballast stone" for the country's stable grain production and supply, Northeast China generally carries out spring plowing in April and May when the temperature rises. However, preparations for storing agricultural inputs such as fertilizers and mulch film have begun before and after the Spring Festival to provide spring plowing production. Assure.

  As a major grain-producing county, Nong'an County continues to make efforts in supporting agricultural inputs.

In the production workshop of Jilin Longyuan Agriculture Co., Ltd., bags of fertilizer are pouring out along the production line, and are stacked by robots before being loaded onto trucks and transported to the warehouse.

  According to Li Xiaochun, chairman of Longyuan Agriculture, the fertilizer products produced by the company are sold to the three northeastern provinces and the eastern part of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region through four dedicated railway lines.

After the Spring Festival, the company's total orders exceeded 600,000 tons.

Now, the company's multiple fertilizer production lines are operating at full capacity, and the total output before spring plowing is expected to reach 1.2 million tons, which will provide strong support for spring plowing agricultural supplies.

  Agricultural inputs are directly related to food security and the quality and safety of agricultural products, as well as to the rural ecological environment and the vital interests of farmers. How to ensure that agricultural inputs can be purchased and used with confidence?

  "We will go to on-site inspections of fertilizer manufacturers in the county." Li Yagang, chief of the Quality Measurement Section of the Nong'an County Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, said that before the Spring Festival, the Nong'an County Market Supervision and Administration Bureau formulated an implementation plan to strengthen the quality supervision of fertilizers and other agricultural products. , implement in-depth law enforcement supervision of agricultural materials, carry out product quality supervision and random inspections of chemical fertilizer production enterprises in the county, and promptly publicize the results of random inspections.

  In addition, Nong'an County also uses various forms of training and exchange activities to guide farmers to order spring plowing production materials such as seeds and fertilizers through business entities or sales channels with business qualifications and good reputation.

It is understood that Nong'an County uses a combination of online and offline methods to carry out winter and spring training in response to the development of the agricultural industry and the needs of farmers. More than 10,000 people have been trained so far.

  Liu Changli, leader of the Agricultural Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade of Nong'an County, said that currently, the total demand for grain crop seeds in Nong'an County is 9.2 million kilograms, with a household penetration rate of more than 70%; the total demand for chemical fertilizers is 258,000 tons, with a household penetration rate of more than 35% .

Changyi City, Shandong——

Buying quality seeds helps increase income

  "There are four or two or three in total. Although the variety looks small, the corn kernels are very full." At the direct sales point of Dongfang Seed Industry Co., Ltd. in Changyi City, Weifang City, Shandong Province, Zhang Hengrui picked up a corn sample cob and carefully Break off the corn kernels and weigh them carefully on an electronic scale.

  Zhang Hengrui is a farmer in Dongbaita Village, Longchi Town, Changyi City. After the Spring Festival holiday, he came to the direct sales point to buy corn seeds.

  "This year, in order to make it easier for farmers to choose seeds, the direct sales points have put corn cobs and electronic scales on the table, allowing farmers to break, weigh and choose by themselves." After a busy morning, Liu Jinkai, the person in charge of Dongfang Seed Industry, finally made time. Sora.

He said that after the Spring Festival, more and more farmers purchased corn seeds, and the company's seed preparations can serve more than 200,000 acres of planting area.

  After leaving the direct operation point and driving for more than ten kilometers, the reporter came to Qingfu Agricultural Complex in Liutuan Town, Changyi City.

In the agricultural input warehouse of the agricultural complex, bags of seeds, fertilizers and other agricultural inputs are neatly stacked.

  "Our coast here is mainly saline-alkali land. In recent years, through the improvement of 100,000 acres of saline-alkali land, the grain output per mu has jumped from less than 500 kilograms to more than 2,000 kilograms." Sun Dedong, the person in charge of Qingfu Agricultural Complex, said, "The saline-alkali land has stabilized production and increased income, and seeds is the key. The nearby land is barren and has high salt content, so we need seeds that are resistant to lodging, diseases, drought and salt."

  The grain sowing area in Changyi City currently remains at around 1.5 million acres, with nearly 800,000 acres of corn sown annually.

Because the terrain here is long and narrow from north to south, and the soil and climate are diverse, the requirements for corn seeds are relatively high, and it is necessary to select seeds and plants according to the location.

  In order to allow farmers to choose seeds suitable for sowing, Changyi City established a new grain variety display and evaluation center in 2016. More than 120 new varieties of wheat and corn are displayed annually. On-site observation and training are organized every year during the critical period of corn growth to guide farmers. Scientifically select and use seeds.

After observation and comparison at the New Grain Variety Exhibition and Evaluation Center, Sun Dedong focused on selecting several corn varieties with higher adaptability such as "Xinrui 25" and "Zhongkenyu 561" this year.

  In 2023, Changyi City will introduce more than 100 corn varieties for trial planting.

After a series of tests, 11 varieties were finally selected for promotion and planting.

"Every time we introduce a new variety, we will try to plant it for two years according to the different soil quality and other conditions in Changyi City. After finding out the 'temperature' of the seeds, we will promote it in the New Grain Variety Exhibition and Evaluation Center." Related to Changyi City Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau the person in charge said.

Mianzhu City, Sichuan——

Green pesticides delivered to your door

  "Old Wu, the pesticides have arrived, come and pick them up!" On February 24, following a shout from outside the door, Wu Yuquan, a villager from Baiyang Village, Jiannan Street, Mianzhu City, Deyang City, Sichuan Province, hurried forward to greet him, "Spring plowing is about to begin. , we have to raise seedlings in March, so we are waiting for this batch of agricultural materials to arrive so that we can prepare in advance." As he spoke, Wu Yuquan leaned out and looked towards the car. Boxes of green pesticides were neatly placed in categories. It was he who got off of orders.

  Wu Yuquan is a major grain grower in Baiyang Village and has transferred a total of 700 acres of land.

At present, 690 acres of wheat are growing well, and 10 acres of seedling fields are being leveled.

"This 'Shuofeng 481' is a plant growth regulator. After application, it can not only resist diseases, but also prevent cold." Opening the box, Wu Yuquan took out a bottle of medicine and introduced it to reporters.

  In Wu Yuquan's view, compared with ordinary pesticides, green pesticides can not only improve the disease resistance, insect resistance, drought resistance, etc. of crops, but also reduce soil pollution. "In one year, not only will the yield be higher, but wheat, rice, etc. The quality is also guaranteed.”

  A while ago, wheat was in its growing season, and seedlings also needed regulators. Seeing that the pesticide reserves in the warehouse were insufficient, Wu Yuquan became anxious.

In desperation, he called Xu Shoubin, the person in charge of Mianzhu Lijia Agricultural Materials Co., Ltd.

From the type of pesticide to the quantity required and the delivery time, everything is determined clearly, and then you just need to wait for it to be delivered to your door at home.

  Once you get it, use it immediately.

In the wheat field, the pilot controlled the drone to hover, spraying the prepared green pesticide evenly, and soon it flew back and forth.

"UAVs not only save time and effort, but also save a lot of pesticides." Wu Yuquan said.

  In addition to commonly used plant growth regulators, Wu Yuquan also plans to try some new products this year.

"We have many farmers here, and some retail investors may not be able to deliver the green pesticides if they purchase too little. I plan to open an agricultural supply store in the village so that everyone can buy pesticides and fertilizers nearby," Wu Yuquan said.

  In order to ensure the supply of agricultural inputs during spring plowing preparations, Sichuan has ensured the supply of agricultural inputs and fertilizers and pesticides for agricultural production by strengthening the supply of agricultural inputs and strengthening market price monitoring of agricultural inputs.

In addition to agricultural input enterprises strengthening the procurement, transportation, variety distribution and storage of goods within and outside the province, agricultural input chain franchise stores also provide convenience measures such as telephone reservations and door-to-door ordering to meet farmers' agricultural input purchase needs.

  Men Jiewei King's Journey

Men Jiewei King's Journey