Mobile phone giant Softbank and American semiconductor giant Nvidia have officially announced the establishment of a new industry association to utilize mobile phone base stations to process massive amounts of AI data.

Eleven companies, including AWS from the US and Samsung Electronics from South Korea, are participating in the organization, aiming for global standardization.

SoftBank and Nvidia announced the establishment of a new industry organization, the AI-RAN Alliance, at a mobile-related exhibition held in Barcelona, ​​Spain on the 26th.

We aim to commercialize technology that decentralizes the processing of the huge amount of data required for AI operations at mobile phone base stations, without going through large-scale data centers.

The group includes a total of 11 companies and organizations from around the world, including telecommunications giants Ericsson and Nokia, Microsoft and AWS (Amazon Web Services) in the United States, and Samsung Electronics in South Korea, and aims to standardize technology worldwide. .

By using this technology, it is possible to provide advanced AI services on smartphones, as well as increase the processing power of robots equipped with AI.

With the rapid spread of AI and the shortage of data centers becoming an issue, this technology is attracting attention as a new technology for utilizing mobile phone base stations.