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Economist Grimm: “Discussed and examined with relevant authorities”

Photo: M. Popow / Metodi Popow / IMAGO

Despite considerable criticism, the economist Veronika Grimm joins the supervisory board of Siemens Energy (SEAG).

The group's general meeting appointed her to the control committee on Monday with 76.4 percent of the votes cast.

There had previously been excitement about Grimm's nomination.

The other members of the Advisory Council for assessing overall economic development fear conflicts of interest due to Grimm's dual role as the council's energy expert and supervisory board member at Siemens Energy.

“We would therefore like to ask you to decide on one of the two mandates if you are elected to the SEAG supervisory board,” says an email to Grimm, which was also sent to Chancellor Wolfgang Schmidt (SPD) and Economics Minister Robert Habeck ( Greens) went.

Despite the criticism, Grimm stuck to his new position.

She told SPIEGEL that she had the Federal Ministry of Economics and the Chancellery check in advance whether the supervisory board mandate was compatible with her role in the Advisory Council, and that they had no concerns whatsoever.

In addition, Siemens Energy carried out its own compliance check on the issue.

No problems were seen here either.

The nomination proposal caused a stir, admitted supervisory board chairman Joe Kaeser.

»In addition to a large number of positive and impressed voices, questions about possible conflicts of interest were also raised.

Please be assured that the nomination committee and Professor Grimm have also discussed and examined this issue with relevant authorities," said Kaeser.