China News Service, Taiyuan, February 25 (Reporter Li Xinsuo) In the field of energy supply guarantee, Shanxi ranked first in the country in five indicators including coal increase and total volume last year.

As a pilot province for the energy revolution, Shanxi will accelerate the construction of smart energy systems.

  At the Shanxi Province Energy Work Conference held on the 25th, Deng Weiyuan, Party Secretary and Director of the Shanxi Provincial Energy Bureau, said that Shanxi will ensure energy security and accelerate the construction of a pilot pilot area for comprehensive reform of the energy revolution.

  Data shows that in 2023, Shanxi will rank first in the country in five indicators of energy supply guarantee.

The Shanxi Province Energy Work Conference was held in Taiyuan.

Photo by Li Xinsuo

  As a major energy province, Shanxi's energy supply guarantee has always attracted much attention.

In 2023, Shanxi Coal will produce 1.378 billion tons of coal on the basis of an annual increase of 100 million tons for two consecutive years. It will guarantee the supply of 620 million tons of thermal coal to 24 provinces at long-term contract prices, ranking first in the country in terms of both increase and total volume.

  In terms of electricity, in 2023, Shanxi will be the first country in the country to increase power supply through inter-provincial power spot markets; the Shanxi power spot market will be the first in the country to enter official operation.

  In recent years, Shanxi has continued to expand unconventional natural gas production.

In 2023, Shanxi's surface coalbed methane production reached 7.662 billion cubic meters, a year-on-year increase of 22.62%, ranking first in the country.

  During this period, Shanxi continued to make efforts in low-carbon energy transformation.

  Up to now, Shanxi has built a total of 118 intelligent coal mines, 1,491 intelligent mining working faces, 3,200 chambers that are unattended, and all important operating locations that do not operate without monitoring.

  In addition, the scale of Shanxi's green power grid connection has reached a record high, and the weight of non-water renewable energy consumption has exceeded national targets.

  In 2024, ensuring energy supply will still be an important issue.

  Deng Weiyuan said that Shanxi will strengthen monitoring and early warning in all aspects of commercial coal production, transportation, storage and sales, strictly implement the national coal price policy, and ensure safe and stable coal supply, sufficient quantity and stable price.

  As a pilot province for the energy revolution, Shanxi will accelerate the construction of smart energy systems.

  In 2024, Shanxi will shift from the intelligentization of mining working faces to the intelligentization of all mines, laying the foundation for all large-scale and disaster-severe coal mines in the province to become intelligent in 2025.

  In addition, Shanxi will accelerate the construction of smart power and transform from "source follows load" to "source-load interaction"; promote the application of new technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence to comprehensively improve the level of intelligent gas production and promote unconventional natural gas Increase storage and production; "simultaneously develop" centralization, distribution, and energy storage to improve the reliability and stability of green power and accelerate the transformation of electricity.