In response to the serious issue of manpower shortages at Narita Airport, the airport company has decided to establish a new task force as early as next month to work on measures to secure human resources in order to find a fundamental solution.

At Narita Airport, while demand for international flights has rapidly recovered following the coronavirus pandemic, a lack of manpower has resulted in the airport being unable to accommodate some requests for new flights or increased flights.

In five years, when the third runway is completed and the number of passengers is expected to increase, it is estimated that approximately twice the number of employees will be needed.

Under these circumstances, Narita Airport Company has decided to establish a new task force as early as next month, with the president as the head and members from across departments, and to move forward with efforts to fundamentally resolve the labor shortage.

The task force has set up a website dedicated to promoting jobs to those looking for work, including employment information for ``ground handling'' companies that perform ground guidance and counter work for aircraft, where there is a particularly serious shortage of manpower, as well as information about the surrounding living environment. We are planning to aggregate and publish information on local governments.

We also plan to consider ways to improve the living environment in surrounding areas should the number of employees increase, and we plan to conduct interviews with each business office to improve wages and other benefits.

The airport company plans to hold its first internal meeting next month to advance these efforts.