The reporter learned from relevant departments that many places, including Beijing, have formulated local technical standards for the safety of lithium-ion batteries for electric bicycles; in addition, my country's mandatory national standards are about to be released.

  In order to prevent the occurrence of electric bicycle quality and safety accidents from the source, in 2022, the Beijing Electric Bicycle Industry Association formulated the group standard "Technical Specifications for Lithium-Ion Power Battery Packs for Electric Bicycles."

  You Tao, Director of the Product Quality and Safety Supervision and Management Department of the Beijing Municipal Administration for Market Regulation: 33 safety technical indicators are specified, including single battery overcharge, over-discharge, battery pack temperature protection and overcharge protection.

  The reporter found on the official website of the National Standardization Administration that the mandatory national standard "Safety Technical Specifications for Lithium-Ion Batteries for Electric Bicycles" drafted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2022 has completed the drafting and solicitation stages and is currently under review. stage.

He Penglin, deputy director of the Safety Technology Research Center of the China Electronics Technology Standardization Institute, is the leader of the Lithium-ion Battery and Similar Product Standards Working Group of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and one of the main drafters of this national standard.

  He Penglin, deputy director of the Security Technology Research Center of China Electronics Technology Standardization Institute: According to the project plan, this mandatory national standard will be released this year.

This standard will fill the gap in technical basis for safety and quality supervision of lithium-ion batteries for electric bicycles at the national level.

After the standards are promulgated, in accordance with the provisions of the Standardization Law of the People's Republic of China, products and services that do not meet the mandatory standards may not be produced, sold, imported, or provided.

(CCTV Finance)