Israeli army proposes plan to evacuate civilians in the Gaza Strip

The Israeli army says it has presented a plan to evacuate civilians from combat zones in the Gaza Strip.

Plan which must be examined by the war cabinet.

Israel is still threatening to launch an assault on Rafah, a town in the far south of the Palestinian enclave where more than a million displaced people have found refuge.

Palestinians awaiting humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip, Sunday February 25, 2024. AP - Mahmoud Essa

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For the moment, we do not know the details of this civilian evacuation plan, which must still be ratified.

Nothing either on the locations of a relocation of the Gazan population.

But it is announced that the Jewish state is planning a reinforced military operation in Rafah, a town in the far south of the Gaza Strip.

Rafah, February 22, 2024. AFP - SAID KHATIB

According to the UN, nearly 1.5 million Palestinians, the vast majority displaced, are crowded into this city, in extremely precarious conditions.

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According to Benyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, if the truce between Israel and Hamas currently being discussed is concluded, it would only delay this operation in Rafah.

By launching this operation, Israel will be "

a few weeks away

" from a "

total victory

" over the Islamist movement, he said. 

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The Hamas Ministry of Health announced that 92 Palestinians were killed in nighttime strikes on Monday, February 26.

The Government Press Office said 15 members of the same family had died in a house in Gaza City.

The war between Israel and Hamas will be one of the

subjects discussed this Monday in Geneva, Switzerland

, at the UN Human Rights Council.

The first since October 7 and the start of the Israeli offensive.


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