In Ramallah, Palestinians without much hope after government resignation

The Palestinian Authority government resigned on Monday.

It was Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh who announced this during a press conference.

But in reality, this decision, for the Palestinians, does not change much, because President Mahmoud Abbas remains in place.

Everyone is waiting to see, without much hope.

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh next to a portrait of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas during the announcement of his resignation, in Ramallah, February 26, 2024. AFP - ZAIN JAAFAR

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With our correspondent in Ramallah,

Alice Froussard

The words of Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh regarding this resignation are strong.

This is a resignation of the Palestinian Authority government "

in light of what our people, our Palestinian cause and our political system are facing: these political, security and economic developments linked to the aggression of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, to the unprecedented escalation in the West Bank and in the city of Jerusalem.


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The announcement of the resignation of the Shtayyeh government is far from having the effect of a political earthquake.

In the streets of Ramallah, the Palestinians are especially pessimistic, like Rula, this resident, in her fifties.


Even if people change, it will be the same, it is the government of Oslo, it is the government of security cooperation with Israel.

All these appointments are really to please the Americans, it is not because of what is happening on the ground or what is happening to the Palestinians.


For many, Mohammad Shtayyeh embodied the system: that of an aging, anti-democratic and unrepresentative Palestinian Authority.


But if

Mahmoud Abbas

stays, and if he appoints his close advisor without including other factions, what’s the point?

 “, asks Ahmad.


I think there will be no changes here until the government takes into account the national liberation movements, or continues to ignore the liberation of our country and our people.

And we have seen it from experience: with the Palestinian Authority, we cannot get away with it.

There is still corruption, there are raids, our freedom of expression is suppressed, and so is all resistance.


The objective of this resignation is that a government of apolitical experts free of corruption takes authority in the West Bank and can also take care of Gaza.


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