In Gaza, the insurmountable suffering of a survivor of Israeli bombings

Bombs, famine, death... Gaza, devastated by nearly five months of conflict, is hoping for a truce.

Despite international outrage and condemnation, nothing can stop the Israeli war machine.

RFI collected testimonies which reflect the suffering of the inhabitants of the Palestinian enclave.

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Injured people at al-Aqsa hospital in the Gaza Strip, January 7, 2024 (illustrative image).

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With our correspondent in Jerusalem,

Sami Boukhelifa

, and in Gaza, 

Rami Al Meghari

Al-Aqsa Hospital, in the central Gaza



In a room, there is Abu Mohamed.

This elderly man is a miracle, he survived an Israeli strike.

We all slept in the living room

,” he testifies


The women were in a side room, but the men were in the living room.

I was suddenly woken up in the middle of the night by an explosion.

I tried to get up, but I couldn't.

I had multiple fractures in my legs.

I leaned on my hands to stand up.


After that, it's the black hole.

Abu Mohamed wakes up in the hospital.

The news is hard.

He lost 20 members of his family.

I would have preferred to die.

Why stay alive?

Why this suffering?

It's so hard

, he said, his throat tight.

Furthermore, the doctors told me that they were going to amputate.

I had both legs amputated.


At Al Aqsa Hospital, Abu Mohamed is accompanied by psychologist Arafat Abu Machayikh.

This man adored his grandchildren.

They are all dead.

In psychology, we support people when they lose a loved one.

But we don't have a protocol for dealing with the loss of all of our family members.

And I don't think that one day we will be able to invent such a protocol.

The sadness is endless.

It is insurmountable

,” laments the healthcare professional.

In Gaza, Abu Mohamed has no chance of walking again.

He was amputated above the knees.

The only way to get him prostheses is for him to go abroad

,” concludes the health professional.

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