First Israeli strikes in the Bekaa region, east of Lebanon, stronghold of Hezbollah

For the first time since the start of clashes on the Lebanese-Israeli front, Israeli aircraft carried out raids near the town of Baalbeck, in the eastern Bekaa plain.

The strikes left two Hezbollah members dead. 

Airstrike on the outskirts of the town of Baalbeck, Hezbollah stronghold in Lebanon, February 26, 2024. AP - STR

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With our correspondent in Beirut

Paul Khalifeh

The targets targeted by the Israeli air force are located near the town of Baalbeck, one of Hezbollah's most important strongholds known for its Roman temples.

This is the first time that Israeli aircraft have struck this region, located in the Bekaa plain, east of Lebanon, 175 km from the front.

Security sources and witnesses said the strikes destroyed food storage sheds, a rented house near these facilities and a vehicle.

Israeli planes also carried out raids against another Hezbollah stronghold, the Iqlim el-Touffah massif, east of the city of Saida, 55 km south of Beirut.

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In this same region, Hassan Nasrallah's party announced that it had shot down a multipurpose Israeli drone of the Hermès 450 type on February 26 using a surface-to-air missile. Videos showing a device on fire and a trail of smoke white have circulated on social networks.

Israeli planes then fired missiles at the drone debris.

Meanwhile, artillery exchanges and rocket fire across the border continued, as they have every day since October 8, 2023.

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