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Attack with the slurry tank: Scene in the European quarter of Brussels during the meeting of the agriculture ministers

Photo: Harry Nakos / dpa

There have been repeated protests by farmers across Europe for weeks.

On the sidelines of a meeting of EU agriculture ministers in Brussels, hundreds of farmers protested, sometimes violently, against the Union's agricultural policy.

A total of 900 tractors blocked roads in the EU district, the Belga news agency reported, citing the police.

Farmers set tires on fire, poured manure onto the streets, and pyrotechnics were directed at police officers.

The officers used water cannons.

In addition to loud honking, smaller explosions could also be heard again and again.

Police set up numerous roadblocks around the EU institutions.

Some farmers managed to break through barriers with their tractors, Belga reported.

Accordingly, police officers were also pelted with manure and sometimes had to retreat.

Two subway stations in the EU district were closed.

There were numerous traffic disruptions in the Belgian capital.

Farmers have also announced protests for Monday in Madrid.

Around 5,000 farmers are expected in front of the headquarters of the European Commission representation in the afternoon.

Farmers in numerous EU countries have been on the streets for a long time to protest against, among other things, EU trade agreements, bureaucracy and environmental regulations.

The EU Commission had already reacted to this and promised easing.

At the meeting of the agriculture ministers, proposals from the Brussels authority will be discussed.