Aeon, a major distribution company, has announced that it is considering business integration between its subsidiary, Welcia Holdings, the largest drugstore company, and Tsuruha Holdings, a major drugstore company that is considering acquiring additional shares.

Aeon is negotiating to acquire additional shares in Tsuruha Holdings, headquartered in Sapporo, from the Hong Kong investment fund Oasis Management, and if it acquires all the shares from the fund, it will own a total of 26%. It is possible that Tsuruha will become a major shareholder exceeding , and that Tsuruha will become a subsidiary under the equity method.

In parallel with these negotiations, Aeon revealed that it is considering business integration of Tsuruha with its subsidiary Welcia Holdings, and both companies also released comments and said they are considering the possibility of business integration. I think there are.

If the integration is realized, a huge drugstore with sales of 2 trillion yen will be created.

Aeon commented, ``Although no decision has been made regarding business integration, we will make an announcement as soon as it is decided.''

Tsuruha also commented, ``No decision has been made. As soon as it is decided, we will announce it immediately.''