Companies are actively developing new technologies that utilize GPS location information and sensors to prevent traffic accidents.

Major telecommunications company KDDI is jointly developing technology with Toyota Motor Corporation that uses a dedicated smartphone app to help prevent traffic accidents between cars and bicycles.

This technology monitors the movement of cars and bicycles using GPS location information obtained from smartphones. For example, if there is a risk of a collision at an intersection without traffic lights, a warning will sound and appear on the screen 5 seconds before the collision occurs. I'll let you know.

We are currently conducting demonstration experiments, and in the future, we aim to commercialize this service as a service for both cars and pedestrians.

Makoto Kadowaki, executive officer of KDDI, said, ``By issuing a warning just before a collision is expected, it can complement advanced car safety technologies such as automatic braking.''

Meanwhile, the Sony Group is developing technology that allows parents to remotely monitor children's dangerous behavior, such as running out onto the road.

Children carry small devices equipped with GPS and acceleration sensors, which detect location information and sudden movements such as jumping out.

This information can be displayed in near real time on a map on a parent's smartphone, allowing them to contact their child to warn them or to provide traffic safety education.

Yusuke Hinagata, head of development, says, ``We want to create a safer transportation system by determining children's behavior in real time and accumulating data.''