China News Service, Beijing, February 25 (Wang Mengyao) OpenAI, an American artificial intelligence research company, recently released Sora, a large model for text generation and video, setting off another wave of artificial intelligence craze.

In response to the background of the big model era, the Shaoxing City Investment Promotion (Intelligence) Work Conference was held on February 24, announcing an investment of 12 billion yuan to build the Shaoxing Jianshui Digital Intelligence Industrial Park and Computing Power Center to create a regional computing power network hub node and lead the digital High-quality economic development.

  The importance of computing power centers in the era of digital economy is equivalent to that of power plants in the industrial era.

Zhou Hongyi, founder of 360 Group, said on the 23rd that if Sora’s technical route is open sourced, China will be able to catch up quickly. However, when catching up with Sora, computing power may become a threshold. The length of video generated by Sora is limited by computing power and cost.

  "Computing power is a key consideration for many leading digital economy companies in choosing urban layout, and will also become the secret to attracting investment in the city," said the relevant person in charge of Shaoxing Yuecheng District Investment Promotion Center. The computing power center will be settled in Yuecheng. Attract a number of main, leading and innovative enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the digital intelligence industry chain to settle in the park, forming industrial aggregation advantages and a virtuous development cycle.

  Meng Dongwei, general manager of Guoguang Finance, said: “By building regional intelligent computing platforms, industrial Internet platforms, information innovation centers, etc., we can also provide data, applications and services for various industries in the region, and reduce the IT investment and operating costs of regional enterprises. , improve the industrial supporting and management level of Shaoxing City, attract more high-tech enterprises and institutions to settle in, and promote the development of Shaoxing’s digital economy.”

  In fact, since May last year, the Yuecheng District Government has signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Guoguang Finance and Huazhu Technology.

It is reported that the project has completed preliminary design and will start construction in the near future.

The project adopts the "one park and three centers" model, mainly building two core entities, the digital intelligence industrial park and the computing power center, and setting up an incubation center and an industrial venture capital center.