China News Service, February 26 (China News reporter Xie Yiguan) On February 26, the China Consumers Association released a public opinion analysis report on consumer rights protection during the 2024 Spring Festival. Monitoring found that during the Spring Festival in 2024, consumer complaints were mainly concentrated on transportation and scenic spots. In terms of tourism, culture and entertainment, consumer services, etc., incidents such as "difficulty in returning" to Sanya, Hainan, and Fu Yuanhui's claim that chartered cars were extorted were named.

  The report shows that during the monitoring period, there were a total of 413,303 negative messages related to "traffic and travel", accounting for 30.28% of the complaints, with an average of 41,000 messages per day. The peak occurred during the return peak period, reaching 76,000 messages on the 18th.

The demand for travel increased during the Spring Festival holiday, and the supply and demand for train tickets and air tickets were out of balance, with significant price fluctuations.

Due to geographical, weather and other reasons, the return trip in Sanya, Hainan has caused heated discussions. In addition, the problem of train overcrowding has reoccurred.

  The China Consumers Association mentioned that during the Spring Festival, transportation capacity shortages appeared in many popular tourist cities such as Harbin and Hainan, especially in Hainan.

Millions of tourists are pouring into Hainan, posing new challenges to Hainan's transportation service capabilities.

In addition to the objective reasons for the single mode of transportation out of the island, insufficient route configuration and management and guidance methods that need to be optimized restrict the rapid flow of people.

  "It is difficult to leave the island during the peak season, which is not only a test of the local government's governance capabilities, but also puts forward higher requirements for civil aviation, railways, and port management mechanisms." China Consumers Association believes that in addition, while reasonably increasing transportation capacity, ticket price supervision must also Need to increase efforts.

  In addition, during the Spring Festival, incidents such as "Fu Yuanhui claimed that her chartered car was blackmailed" also triggered widespread public discussion.

  The China Consumers Association said that the rapid resolution of the "Fu Yuanhui was blackmailed" incident was in sharp contrast to "a family of five Yunnan tours had a dispute with the tour guide and ended the trip early", and consumers had a strong "sense of role substitution", which ultimately formed "What if it wasn't Fu Yuanhui?" is a social concern.

  The China Consumers Association further pointed out that "commonplace" problems such as being ripped off when traveling, having only a fixed set menu for New Year's Eve dinner, manicures with hidden consumption, and movie ticket prices rising during festivals deserve to be taken seriously again, and local regulatory authorities need to take drastic measures. Strengthen the "heterodiscipline" of employees, enhance the awareness of "self-discipline" among employees, and achieve market standardization and purification, so that ordinary consumers can consume with ease, peace of mind, and peace of mind. They do not need to be Fu Yuanhui to receive the same treatment.