China News Service, Baoding, February 26 (China News Gong Hongyu) Beijing Children’s Hospital Baoding Hospital (formerly Baoding Children’s Hospital) is one of the most prestigious children’s hospitals in Hebei Province. Many parents of sick children visit it every day. I came here to seek medical advice.

Who would have thought that ten years ago this was just a poorly-known secondary specialty hospital with lagging standards.

  In 2014, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development strategy was proposed.

With the help of the "spring breeze" of the takeover of Beijing Children's Hospital and the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Beijing Children's Hospital Baoding Hospital has ushered in a "new life".

  The patient was treated at Beijing Children's Hospital Baoding Hospital.

Photo by Gong Hongyu

Beijing experts come to Baoding

  "We can't cure your child's disease. You should go to Beijing and have a look." Ten years ago, Liu Yan, a doctor at Baoding Children's Hospital, could only reply to the parents of children in this way when she encountered some difficult and complicated diseases.

  At that time, Baoding Children's Hospital had only 300 beds.

In addition to diagnosing and treating common infectious diseases such as fever, pneumonia, and diarrhea in children, there are no corresponding examination conditions for some complex diseases.

  "Everyone has only seen complex diseases in books, and we have no idea. Therefore, children in Baoding can only go to major hospitals in Beijing and Tianjin as soon as they get sick." Liu Yan recalled.

  In 2015, the second year after the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development strategy was proposed, Baoding Children’s Hospital ushered in a “turning point” in its destiny: the hospital was officially placed under the trusteeship of Beijing Children’s Hospital, and the hospital license was added as “Beijing Children’s Hospital Baoding Hospital”. It also became the first hospital to implement inter-provincial trusteeship of public medical institutions under the background of the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

  “Beijing experts are here!” Liu Yan recalled. Since then, a large number of Beijing experts have brought advanced management concepts and technologies, and the hospital has undergone earth-shaking changes.

  In the nine years of cooperation between Beijing Children's Hospital and Baoding Children's Hospital, more than 400 Beijing experts and more than 15,000 people have come to Baoding, performed more than 6,000 expert surgeries, and consulted on more than 10,000 difficult cases.

  Taking Liu Yan's hematology and oncology department as an example, Beijing Children's Hospital not only sent resident doctors, but also experts for regular weekly consultations.

Professor Zheng Huyong from the Hematology Oncology Center of Beijing Children's Hospital also serves as the chief director of the two departments in Beijing and Baoding. The wards of the two hospitals have integrated management, standardized diagnosis and treatment, and unified deployment of medical resources.

  "The diseases that can be seen in Beijing can also be seen in Baoding." Ren Ying, head of the Publicity and Warfare Department of Beijing Children's Hospital Baoding Hospital, told China News Service. After nine years of development, Beijing Children's Hospital Baoding Hospital and Beijing Children's Hospital have truly realized treatment The level of homogeneity is achieved to "keep the children local" and solve the problem of medical treatment for children in Baoding and surrounding areas.

From "blood transfusion" to "hemopoiesis"

  If a hospital wants to achieve real development, it cannot rely solely on external assistance and "blood transfusions."

What is more important is to cultivate local talents and promote the incremental improvement of the medical team.

  To this end, in the past nine years, two hospitals in Beijing and Baoding have broken the barriers of conventional and loose assistance and innovated and pioneered a trusteeship model.

On the one hand, the hospital has set up a "teaching and mentoring" task for Beijing experts, ranging from how to conduct scientific research and do projects to how to talk and communicate with patients. The Beijing experts provide hands-on and considerate teaching to promote the talents of Beijing Children's Hospital Baoding Hospital Cultivation and discipline construction.

On the other hand, Baoding employees also conduct assessments on learning content and effectiveness in an orderly manner, accumulate experience in practice, and improve diagnosis and treatment levels.

  “Experts from the Hematology Oncology Center of Beijing Children’s Hospital come every week to give hands-on teachings and make medical visits. In overcoming each subject problem, I gradually gained direction and motivation.” After several years of learning and growth, now Liu Yan, who is already the director of the Department of Hematology and Oncology at Baoding Hospital of Beijing Children's Hospital, feels more confident when facing patients.

  The Department of Hematology and Oncology has also achieved new developments.

Liu Yan said that since the establishment of the department, it has grown from four or five doctors to more than ten doctors, and a talent team has gradually taken shape.

The department also successfully carried out the first domestic case of CAR-T cell immunotherapy for a child with refractory inflammatory myofibroblastoma, which greatly encouraged the confidence of local doctors in Baoding to treat difficult and complicated diseases.

  "Even without experts from Beijing, accurate diagnosis and treatment can still be made." As the two hospitals realize the transformation from "blood transfusion" to "hemopoiesis", a large number of local subject leaders, urgently needed talents, department backbones and grassroots pediatricians Professional doctors are becoming the new main force of Beijing Children's Hospital Baoding Hospital.

  A corner of the "Rainbow Activity Room" set up by Beijing Children's Hospital Baoding Hospital for children with cancer.

Photo by Gong Hongyu

Win-win medical cooperation between the two places

  The "gorgeous transformation" of Beijing Children's Hospital Baoding Hospital is not just the success of one hospital, but also the win-win medical cooperation between Beijing and Hebei.

  "At Beijing Children's Hospital, children with stem cell transplants have to wait three months to get into a transplant warehouse. Many children have missed the best treatment time while waiting. At the same time, because there are not enough warehouses, even though the children who come to see the doctor have There are a lot of patients, but the number of hospital treatments cannot be increased," Yang Jun, a resident expert at the Stem Cell Transplantation Department of the National Children's Medical Center in Baoding, told China News Service.

  As Yang Jun said, as the leading unit of pediatrics in China, Beijing Children's Hospital attracts children from all over the country to Beijing for treatment, and it is overcrowded all year round.

At the same time, the hospital is located near Financial Street in Xicheng District, and the high cost of care and living has also discouraged many families.

  As a doctor, Yang Jun was very anxious when he saw that the patient could not be cured.

  After the construction of Beijing Children's Hospital Baoding Hospital, this situation was finally alleviated.

Yang Jun introduced that Baoding Hospital currently has a dedicated 100-level warehouse and a 1,000-level warehouse dedicated to stem cell transplantation.

There are currently 20 100-level warehouses in Beijing and Hebei hospitals, and children can be queued up in about a month, which greatly alleviates the problem of insufficient patient treatment.

  Not only that, Yang Jun mentioned that with the increase in the number of treatments, Beijing Children’s Hospital has continued to accumulate practical experience, and doctors have seen more and more “difficult and complicated diseases”, which has a great impact on the professional development of doctors and the benefits of patients. Better treatment would have great benefits.

  On the other hand, in Baoding, the development of Beijing Children’s Hospital Baoding Hospital has also led to the improvement of the overall local medical level.

In 2017, Beijing Children's Hospital Baoding Hospital took the lead in establishing the "Baoding Pediatric Medical Alliance", which has spread to 133 medical institutions.

Eight medical centers including the Baoding Pediatric Medical Alliance Regional Inspection Center have been established one after another, driving the overall improvement of the medical level in Baoding.