China News Service, Fuzhou, February 24 (Chen He and Xie Danting) On the 24th, good news came from the first phase of the east extension project of Fuzhou Metro Line 2: the "Strait" shield machine between Rujiang Station and Xiade Station was successfully launched. .

This marks that this section has officially entered the shield construction stage, and is also the first node for the successful completion of the "good start" of the east extension of Line 2.

The picture shows the shield launch ceremony scene.

Photo by Chen He

  The east extension line of Fuzhou Metro Line 2 starts from the section behind Gushan Station of Line 2 and ends at Qingzhou Station. The total length is about 14.6 kilometers, of which the total length between Rujiang Station and Xiade Station is about 1.23 kilometers.

The strata in the interval are mainly water-rich strata such as silt mixed with sand and fine to medium sand (containing mud). They also need to cross existing buildings at a close distance. The risk level is high and the construction is difficult. Water inrush may occur especially in water-rich sand layers. Outstanding problems such as sand gushing and gushing.

  Fuzhou Metro has repeatedly invited well-known domestic experts to consult on shield selection, and customized two earth pressure balance shield machines for this section, equipped with double screw conveyors and a slag improvement system, and added multiple hobs. , to meet construction needs such as normal excavation of the interval shield, crossing risk sources, and arrival and reception.

  According to Xu Tiancai, the person in charge of the shield machine in the project work area, in order to ensure that the "Strait" shield machine was launched without incident, all parties involved in the construction went to Xinxiang, Henan Province before the Spring Festival to carry out the supervision and acceptance of the shield machine.

During the Spring Festival, more than 50 workers on the construction site stayed at their posts and devoted themselves to various preparations such as organizing the site, getting the starting equipment to the site, and debugging the equipment to ensure the orderly progress of the shield starting work.

The picture shows the shield launch ceremony scene.

Photo by Chen He

  According to the relevant person in charge of Fuzhou Metro Group, in response to the Fuzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government’s 2024 “Project Breakthrough Year” and the relevant work requirements for a “good start” and “stable start” in the first quarter, Fuzhou Metro plans in advance and actively deploys.

As of February 24, 85 work stations on the line under construction have resumed work 100%.

  At the construction site of the back section of Line 4, Fuzhou Metro organized and carried out safety inspections for resumption of work and production as soon as possible after the holiday, making every effort to ensure safety and promote production. Currently, all workers have returned to work.

At the construction site, workers are transporting construction materials and assembling segments.

Xu Zhengjie, Shanghai Tunnel Fuzhou Line 1 Standard Shield Project Manager, said that from January 22 to February 21, 17 rings (20.4 meters) have been bored, and the shield construction is proceeding in an orderly manner.

  At the construction site of Marina Express South Park Station, the roar of machinery is intertwined with the sound of hammering. Three excavators are digging, a rotary drilling rig is drilling piles, and a three-axis mixing pile foundation is nearby. Reinforcement construction is being carried out in a hurry, and workers wearing safety helmets are busily shuttled through various working areas, creating a lively scene.

  During the Spring Festival, the Binhai Express Line started the "open-ended" construction mode, and more than a thousand builders at 12 construction sites along the entire line welcomed the New Year at the construction site.

After the holiday, the construction unit immediately organized more workers to resume work and production.

"On the first day of resumption of work on February 18, we organized 4 chartered buses to pick up 160 workers from Sichuan, Hunan, Guangxi and other places, and put them into on-site construction operations as soon as possible." Gao Yuan, South Park project manager, said, South Park A total of 2,748 rings (4,946 meters) have been excavated in the shield section between the station and Sancha Street Station, 85% of the total has been completed; currently, the tunnel is being excavated at a rate of 5 rings per day and has reached full production.

  As of February 24, a total of 85 work sites of 39 projects under construction in Fuzhou Metro have resumed work and production, reaching full production capacity, with more than 5,000 people on site.

Projects under construction have completed a cumulative investment of approximately 1.064 billion yuan this year, accounting for 73.13% of the 1.455 billion yuan investment target in the first quarter, and the progress is 6.5% out of schedule.