China News Service, Shanghai, February 24th (Reporter Xu Jing) "Entertainment in Shanghai Excellent +" Action - Shanghai's comprehensive spring employment fair was held in Shanghai on the 24th.

More than 1,000 units participated in the job fair, providing more than 20,000 jobs.

February 24th coincides with the Lantern Festival, and the "Entertainment in Shanghai Excellent+" action - Shanghai's spring employment promotion comprehensive large-scale job fair was held at the Xuhui Riverside West Bund Art Center in Shanghai. Photo provided by the Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

  This job fair is also the first comprehensive large-scale job fair in Shanghai after the Spring Festival, and it is held half a month earlier than in previous years.

Even though it rained that day, the job fair was crowded and there was a steady stream of people entering the venue.

  The main venue of the job fair has set up a recruitment area for key enterprises, arranged industry-specific recruitment, and provided career guidance services for job seekers. Branch venues have been opened simultaneously in 16 districts in Shanghai.

The job fair that day was the first comprehensive large-scale job fair in Shanghai after the Spring Festival, and branch venues were opened simultaneously in 16 districts.

Photo courtesy of Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Shanghai's economy continues to stabilize and improve, and the demand for employment from enterprises (especially the demand for front-line positions) has further increased. Around the Spring Festival, it is the peak period for workers to find jobs, return to work, and enterprises to resume work. During this period, moving the job fair in advance can provide better protection for employers and labor talents and stabilize expectations.

This job fair is mainly aimed at young people, workers coming to Shanghai, and workers in Shanghai's counterpart cooperation areas, with a view to attracting more people to come to Shanghai for employment.

More than 1,000 units participated in this job fair, providing more than 20,000 jobs.

Photo by China News Network reporter Xu Jing

  "I have received four to five hundred resumes in the morning, 80% of which are fresh graduates, including many from overseas prestigious universities, such as Cornell University, Columbia University, etc." said Zhang Jiaqing, co-founder of Shanghai Chuanzhishen Technology Co., Ltd.

  Shanghai Chuanzhishen Technology Co., Ltd., which is committed to the construction of large-model ecological communities, was established in 2023 and has completed angel round financing of tens of millions of yuan.

Zhang Jiaqing informed that large models are still one of the most watched directions in the artificial intelligence industry this year, and all walks of life are working hard to form new productivity through the capabilities of large models.

He noticed that job-seeking students have clear thoughts about their future work direction. They generally pay attention to industrial development and attach great importance to the huge potential of the qualitative productivity track.

  Shanghai Daqi Network Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the field of intelligent recruitment.

The company's founder and CEO, Wang Dawei, said in an interview that in the current environment, there is still employment pressure, and holding job fairs in advance will help job seekers contact companies earlier and understand market needs.

"Overall, companies have increased their recruitment plans, and we also feel that job seekers are very enthusiastic about finding jobs."

  CIIC Shanghai Company and CIIC Technology Talent Company, both subsidiaries of CIIC, have brought a total of more than 100 job opportunities, covering the human resources service industry, retail industry, service industry, real estate industry, etc.

The staff responsible for recruitment on site said that this time, various positions pay great attention to the soft conditions of candidates, such as communication skills, teamwork skills, learning abilities and sense of responsibility, because these soft conditions can better predict a person's future performance. Job performance and development potential.

  At the same time, as the "post-00s" grow up and enter the workplace, they are significantly different from the older generation of employees.

They pay more attention to the salary market, have a clearer understanding of their own value and abilities, and are more proactive and confident in salary negotiations; in terms of career planning, they pay more attention to personal interests and long-term development, and are more willing to try in multiple fields. and explore to find the career direction that best suits you.

  On the same day, the Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau also launched the "Enjoy Shanghai Excellent+" campaign.

This action will specifically implement 10 work plans, including: "Lyeye Shanghai Excellent +" series of recruitment plans, key enterprise employment service guarantee plans, innovation and entrepreneurship assistance plans, deepening labor cooperation and docking plans, employment internship quality improvement plans, career Skills improvement plan, flexible employment service guarantee plan, employment public service quality and efficiency improvement plan, labor rights protection escort plan and livable and workable guarantee plan.

Job fair site.

Photo by China News Network reporter Xu Jing

  Among them, in the "Le Ye Shanghai Excellent +" series of recruitment plans, no less than 2,000 recruitment activities will be held throughout the year, providing no less than 300,000 jobs; in the employment internship quality improvement plan, trainee positions will be provided throughout the year More than 30,000.

Implement the internship "Sail Plan"; in the plan to improve the quality and efficiency of employment public services, 350 "15-minute employment service circles" community employment service stations will be built, and the "Lyeye Shanghai Excellent+" electronic map will be launched.

  Zhang Lan, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, said in an interview that day that the human resources and social security department has formulated a series of comprehensive policies covering employment promotion, entrepreneurship support, vocational training, rights protection, and life security. “We hope that through our efforts, more It will ensure the employment needs of enterprises, help stabilize expectations and expand production, and at the same time allow workers to enjoy more warm recruitment services." (End)