Israel-Hamas war: Gazans dream, without believing in it, of a ceasefire

After refusing last week to continue negotiations with Hamas for a truce in Gaza, Israel agreed to resume indirect discussions.

The government sent a team of negotiators to Paris this weekend of February 24-25, where a high-level meeting with the mediators is to be held.

This truce is expected by the Gazans, who face increasingly difficult humanitarian conditions: health infrastructure has been destroyed, medicines are no longer available, food and water are rare... But for the Gazans, this dream of a truce still seems inaccessible.

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A Palestinian woman wanders through the rubble of a home targeted by an Israeli army airstrike, February 23, 2024 in Rafah.


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With our special correspondents in Jerusalem


Guilhem Delteil


Nicolas Benita

Hind – a real name – and his family moved to the Gaza Strip during the fighting.

In the north, their house was bombed.

In Khan Younes, the United Nations center, where they had found refuge, was also.

So for her, believing in an end to the fighting is impossible.


None of us believe in a



We have to finish this quickly

 ,” confides Hind.

When she can, this mother follows the information.

And for her, Israel is inflexible

in the face of all international pressure

 : “ 

In reality, they don’t care about the Security Council or the international community.

They just want to put pressure on Hamas to accept their terms.

But all this pressure only falls on the people, the civilians... On us.


But Hind also feels abandoned by the Gaza authorities.


Hamas doesn’t care about us either

 ,” she said.

Faced with his children, Hind still tries to show more confidence in the future.


We are all under stress (laughs).

But I try to reassure them as much as possible that we know better days will come soon.

But when we hear the bombings around us, they say to me: "Please don't talk about hope, mom."


They themselves no longer believe in this apparent optimism of their mother.

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