China News Service, Leshan, February 23, title: Leshan, Sichuan explores industrial innovation and upgrading: different "vanadium" influences the confidence and "core"

  Author Wang Liwen He Xi Wang Lei

  "In the near future, this will become the world's largest and most comprehensive medical isotope production and supply base." In Leshan, Sichuan, looking at the medical isotope test reactor of China Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute, which is under construction, China Nuclear Power Research Institute Zhang Jinsong, deputy director of the Design Institute No. 1, is full of expectations.

  In order to demonstrate Sichuan's practical exploration in promoting high-quality development, the large-scale themed interview activity "Seeing Sichuan through Thousands of Weathers" is currently underway.

Over the past week, the reporting team went to Leshan, Yibin and other cities to conduct interviews to learn about the effectiveness of Sichuan's measures in cultivating strategic emerging industries and promoting green development.

On the 21st, in Leshan, Sichuan, the medical isotope test reactor of the China Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute was under construction.

Photo by reporter Wang Lei

  Medical isotopes are the basis of nuclear medicine diagnosis and treatment and an important force in the detection and treatment of major diseases.

In Leshan City, where China's first pressurized water nuclear power reactor and high-flux engineering experimental reactor were born, the development confidence comes from "nuclear", and the nuclear technology application industry started here.

  Zhang Jinsong said that after the completion of this medical isotope test reactor project, the production capacity of molybdenum-99 and iodine-131, the two isotopes required for imaging examinations and the targeted treatment of hyperthyroidism and thyroid cancer, will be greatly increased.

"Their 'localization' can not only turn 'imported drugs' into 'domestic drugs', but is also expected to 'bring down' the high drug prices."

  At present, Leshan's nuclear technology application industry focuses on five major areas: production and application of medical isotopes, irradiation processing, nuclear medicine, advanced nuclear energy, and high-end nuclear energy equipment.

In the Jiajiang Nuclear Technology Application Industrial Park, Nurit’s medical radioisotope and pharmaceutical industrialization project, which belongs to the “downstream” of the nuclear medicine industry chain, is only separated from its “chain owner” by a wall.

On the 21st, at the Jiajiang Nuclear Technology Application Industrial Park in Leshan, Sichuan, "downstream" companies in the nuclear medicine industry chain displayed radioactive drugs for the treatment of liver cancer and pancreatic cancer.

Photo by reporter Wang Lei

  Liu Fang, general manager of Leshan Nurit Medical Technology Co., Ltd., held up an example of a medicine, "This bottle of medicine for treating liver cancer and pancreatic cancer has entered the clinical trial stage. Its import price is as high as 380,000 yuan. We can reduce the price." ."

  Talking about the reasons for settling in Leshan, Liu Fang said frankly that the procurement cost accounts for a large proportion of the total cost of radiopharmaceuticals, and some medical isotopes can be realized "from factory door to factory door", which reduces production costs.

After the project is completed, the company will promote the supply of 8 to 10 types of radiopharmaceuticals that are in short supply in China to benefit more patients.

  Not only the nuclear technology application industry, but also the new materials and new energy industries have come to fruition in various parts of Leshan.

In Leshan City High-tech Zone, all-vanadium redox flow battery modules are ready to be shipped to Gansu.

This energy storage system can store 200,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity and can be used as supporting equipment for photovoltaic and wind power stations. It has also been likened to a "super power bank".

On the 21st, workers inspected an all-vanadium redox flow battery in Leshan, Sichuan.

Photo by Wang Lei

  Zhu Xiaoxing, deputy general manager of Sichuan Velide Energy Co., Ltd., introduced that the all-vanadium redox flow battery is a redox battery with vanadium as the active material in a circulating liquid state. It has strong stability, high safety, long life, high efficiency, Flexible installation and short construction period.

Through this new energy storage technology, "wind and solar" energy can be stored, which can not only make up for the electricity gap, but also solve the problem of poor stability of clean energy.

  "After spotting this track, the company started R&D from scratch and now has hundreds of patented technologies." Zhu Xiaoxing believes that it is important for companies to self-research and produce some key raw materials for all-vanadium redox flow energy storage batteries. The key to being able to “break out”.

"We have solved the pain point of vanadium battery leakage, which not only improves the service life, safety and environmental friendliness of the battery, but also reduces the maintenance cost of power station equipment."

On the 21st, workers were working in the production workshop of Sichuan Weilide Energy Co., Ltd.

Photo by Wang Lei

  Zhu Xiaoxing introduced that the company began to develop all-vanadium redox flow battery energy storage technology in 2016, and has now developed into a leading energy storage equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, and operation and maintenance. It has operations in Sichuan, Xinjiang, Ningxia, Gansu, etc. A digital factory has been laid out.

In 2023, its output value will reach 265 million yuan.

  "In the future, we plan to further expand production capacity and at the same time drive upstream and downstream companies to settle in Leshan and enter the vanadium battery energy storage industry." Zhu Xiaoxing is full of confidence in this new track.