In Gaza, soaring prices further increase the very difficult access to food

According to the Israeli army, more than 13,000 trucks have entered the Gaza Strip since the start of the war between Israel and Hamas.

They delivered more than 25,000 tons of humanitarian aid to the residents of the enclave.

There is no limit to the amount of humanitarian aid that can enter Gaza,

” she wrote.

But the UN humanitarian agency notes that “ 

catastrophic levels of acute food insecurity are intensifying in the Gaza Strip 


A displaced person in the south of the Palestinian enclave told RFI about her living conditions.

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Palestinians queue for a free meal in Rafah, in the Gaza Strip, Thursday, December 21, 2023 (Illustrative image).

AP - Fatima Shbair

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With our special correspondents in Jerusalem,

Nicolas Benita


Guilhem Delteil

It has been ten days since Hind last saw any humanitarian aid trucks.

Food for her family, so she has to buy it.

But prices fluctuate wildly, from day to day and even from store to store.

I just bought a kilo of rice.

It cost me 25 dollars.

And then I went to another store.

And there, the seller told me that he was selling the kilo for 35 dollars


They charge whatever price they want!

“, she notes.

Last week, she received a package from Oxfam: canned tuna and beans, dates and honey.

And commercial flows are created between beneficiaries of this aid.

People buy and sell humanitarian aid.

If I receive a humanitarian package from Oxfam, but I don't need some of the products in it, I can sell them to buy what I need.

This is the market in Gaza today

,” explains Hind.

Food, apartments for those who are lucky enough to have them… In Gaza, all prices have skyrocketed.

For a studio, Hind pays $2,000 per month.

Surviving in the Palestinian enclave today requires money.

But having access to your savings is not easy.

Last week, I came to the bank five times.

And I waited five hours for it to open.

Because all the banks here run on solar panels.

But last week, it was raining and there was no sun

,” she notes.

Without sunshine, Hind was then unable to withdraw his money.

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