China News Service, Beijing, February 22 (Reporter Lu Shaowei) On the evening of the 22nd, the "2024 National Consumption Promotion" co-sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, China Central Radio and Television, Beijing Municipal People's Government, Tianjin Municipal People's Government, and Hebei Provincial People's Government "Month and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Consumer Season" kicked off at Beijing Blue Harbor.

At the scene, special products from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei were unveiled.

Intangible cultural heritage products, local delicacies, signature time-honored brands, and new consumer brands continue to innovate.

On February 22, the "2024 National Consumption Promotion Month and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Consumption Season" officially kicked off at Beijing Blue Harbor.

Photo courtesy of Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau

New and exciting local activities

  "2024 National Consumption Promotion Month" is the first national key event launched after the Spring Festival. It focuses on the theme of "domestic products" and launches consumption scenarios such as Lantern Festival, Spring Equinox snacks, green consumption, smart homes, and spring outings to guide various regions. Organize various forms of consumption-promoting activities according to local conditions, highlight festivals, seasons and folk customs, enrich the supply of high-quality goods and services, promote the in-depth integration of business, travel, culture, sports and fitness with online and offline activities, continue the consumption boom during the Spring Festival peak season, and help the New Year consumer market get off to a good start. .

  Focusing on "stimulating potential consumption", "cultivating and expanding new consumption" and "stabilizing and expanding traditional consumption", Beijing will implement a series of consumption-promoting policies throughout the year starting from the launch of the consumption season, issue a batch of Beijing Lottery green consumption coupons, and launch Reward policies for enterprises in the wholesale and retail industry, continue to implement policies that encourage the launch of first stores, support the quality improvement of business districts, and high-quality development of commercial pedestrian streets, and introduce policies to promote the high-quality development of the catering industry. The two-wheel drive of "policy + activities" helps international consumption center cities construction.

  Focusing on "collaborative promotion" and "high-quality development", Tianjin takes this National Consumption Promotion Month as an opportunity to create a cross-sector integrated consumption scene for business, culture, tourism, sports and fitness, with colorful exhibitions, events, performances, etc. Promote the improvement and expansion of service consumption.

Focus on improving the influence of consumption promotion platforms such as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Consumer Season and Haihe International Consumer Season to create a more prosperous and active market atmosphere; accelerate the transformation of business districts, strengthen the first store economy, brand economy, and food economy, develop live streaming e-commerce, and revitalize time-honored brands , continue to optimize consumer supply and innovate consumption scenarios; continue to promote the integrated development of domestic and foreign trade, tap the potential of "Tianjin products" such as automobiles and home appliances to support sales growth, and optimize the business development structure; strive to boost bulk consumption, hold automobile exhibitions, organize new Special activities such as bringing energy vehicles to the countryside and home appliances to the countryside promote the consumption of green smart home appliances.

  Hebei Province will make efforts from both the supply side and the demand side to provide more effective consumption supply and stimulate potential consumption.

Cultivate and create a number of smart new consumption scenarios that integrate online and offline and comprehensive new consumption scenarios that integrate business, travel, culture, sports and health; actively cultivate new consumption growth points, organize "Smart Home Renewal Trend", "Domestic Trendy Product Consumption Season" and other events Multi-level consumption promotion activities in the field; carry out activities to activate the automobile market and automobile consumption promotion activities, the "Hebei Food Gathering" operation, and the "Hebei Time-honored Brand" enterprise cultivation operation; carry out the "Lighting Up the Night Economy" operation to create a group of businesses with strong local characteristics, A well-known nighttime consumption brand in the province and even the country; optimize the urban and rural consumption environment, accelerate the construction of the "15-minute convenient living circle" and the renovation and upgrading of commercial pedestrian streets, carry out county commercial construction actions, and build a number of county-level logistics distribution centers and township business centers.

New scene "Fire": The surging national tide leads to new opportunities

  Since the beginning of the new year, the popularity of ice and snow sports and national fashion consumption has continued to rise, and various emerging consumption scenarios have become popular.

In the launch month of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei consumer season, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei will deeply explore regional characteristic resources, promote the in-depth integrated development of specialty shopping, cultural tourism and folk experience, and create new forms of "intangible cultural heritage + tourism" and "performing arts + tourism" , launching a grand battle for traffic.

Focus on characteristic consumption scenarios such as “the most fashionable”, “the most delicious”, “the most folkloric” and “the most romantic”, and strengthen the consumer brand matrix.

  Beijing will also timely promote differentiated high-quality themed tour routes based on key holidays and traditional festivals, and target the different needs of different groups and the different scenery of Beijing during the four seasons, and organize themed experience activities to expand the brand extension of "Walking in Beijing" , to meet the travel needs of different groups of people and stimulate the vitality of cultural tourism consumption; launch a new batch of "Night Capital" characteristic landmarks, business districts, and living circles to provide guidance for night consumption; hold the Global Premiere Festival, China International Fashion Week, and Beijing Fashion Week , cultivate a group of launch centers and build a display platform for the brand's launch debut.

On February 22, the "2024 National Consumption Promotion Month and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Consumption Season" officially kicked off at Beijing Blue Harbor.

Photo courtesy of Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau

New product “bright”: Brand leads with many benefits

  The three countries will continue to expand and upgrade consumer product brands, and gradually cultivate a number of brand consumption clusters integrating commerce, culture, leisure, tourism and catering. The three countries will jointly roll out commercial innovation, cultural creativity and technology empowerment. Special products of "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Youli".

  Major business districts, key commercial enterprises, and theme districts and parks in the three places carry out a variety of brand promotion activities based on their own characteristics to provide consumers with a variety of consumption and experience choices.

Many supermarkets have launched promotional activities such as instant discounts, lottery draws, and instant rebates upon purchase, covering food, culture and tourism, home appliances, transportation, automobiles, etc., with an emphasis on green and energy-saving fields, benefiting consumers, and opening up A feast of "shopping, playing, traveling and eating".

  A number of e-commerce platforms and financial institutions actively participated in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Consumer Season, working with supermarkets, restaurants, gas stations, etc. to independently issue multi-category consumer coupons.

China UnionPay Beijing Branch issued about 9 million yuan of UnionPay payment coupons; ICBC launched activities such as "Reunion One-stop Takeaway Scratch-Off" and "Shopping for Ice and Snow Season"; China Construction Bank launched "Friday Fuel Day" and "Brand Benefits" and other activities ; Meituan will issue discount coupons, group purchase coupons and other consumer coupons through live broadcast rooms and building consumption season aggregation pages. Meituan Waimai will also issue full discount coupons in due course; Douyin Instant Retail organizes merchants to carry out promotional activities, through goods In the form of subsidies and live broadcasts, we provide consumers with high-quality goods and services, and provide consumers with a convenient experience of watching, buying, and arriving immediately.

Among them, THE BOX cooperates with Douyin to launch various discount vouchers and group purchase packages for shopping mall brands through expert video announcements and live broadcasts to promote shopping malls, creating a new social consumption scenario.

  Based on their respective resource endowments and advantages, the three countries will successively launch a series of brand activities with strong local characteristics, and launch projects and products with international style, Chinese trend, and fireworks to meet the needs of consumers for shopping, travel and leisure, sports and fitness, etc. levels and diversified consumer demands.