China News Service, Jinan, February 23 (Reporter Sha Jianlong) Shandong Hi-Speed ​​Group, which coordinates the operation of Shandong China-Europe freight trains, will set up China's first Central Asia regional assembly center for China-Europe freight trains in Almaty, Kazakhstan in 2023.

In 2024, the group plans to set up a gathering center in Moscow, Russia, and a gathering center in Vientiane, Laos, on the northern and southern routes of China-Europe trains, respectively, to connect the dots to create a new foreign trade channel network.

(File photo) The picture shows the unveiling ceremony of the Almaty Assembly Center and the opening ceremony of the first class.

Photo courtesy of Shandong High-Speed ​​Qilu Eurasian Train Operation Co., Ltd.

  On February 23, the "Good Products Shandong Lumao Global" market development action promotion meeting was held in Jinan.

Sun Fuchun, director and general manager of Shandong Hi-Speed ​​Group Co., Ltd., revealed the development plan of Shandong China-Europe Railway Express for the new year on the spot.

  According to Sun Fuchun, in 2024, the group will strive to operate more than 900 Central Asia line trains on the central corridor, with the Almaty assembly center as the fulcrum.

It is planned to set up a gathering center in Moscow for the northern route, and strive to operate more than 1,380 trains on China-Russia and China-Europe routes; it is planned to set up a gathering center in Vientiane, Laos, for the southern route to promote economic and trade exchanges with Southeast Asian countries.

  Sun Fuchun said that the group will use overseas gathering centers such as Almaty and Moscow to set up overseas exhibition and sales platforms for foreign trade products, providing a new platform for Shandong foreign trade companies to deeply explore overseas markets.

At the same time, we will increase the scale of cross-border e-commerce, cold chain, transportation and trade integration, "New Three" and other special trains, and strive to increase the number of trains by more than 20%; strengthen the market development capabilities of "Qilu Hao·Global Shopping" and expand imports scale.

  Sun Fuchun said that the group will vigorously develop new routes, actively participate in the construction of the Trans-Caspian International Transport Corridor, and create new cross-Caspian and Black Sea corridors, covering countries and regions such as Turkey and Azerbaijan, and use corridor construction to drive economic and trade exchanges and promote integrated development.

In addition, the frequency of operations of the Japan-Korea Land-Sea Express Line, the Roux-Europe Express Line, and the SCO Express Line will be increased, and the operating time of each line will be shortened by 3 to 5 days.

  Statistics show that the number of China-Europe freight trains in Shandong has increased more than ten times in five years, ranking first among China's eastern coastal provinces. It has served nearly 6,000 foreign trade companies, with an import and export value of 24 billion yuan.