China News Service, February 23 (Xinhua) The China Securities Regulatory Commission held a press conference on the 23rd. Yan Bojin, Chief Risk Officer and Director of the Issuance Department of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, said at the meeting that preventing and combating financial fraud and fraudulent issuance is a continuous process, and there is currently no IPO. Looking back at the 10-year arrangement, the media's emergence of this statement reflects investors' concern for the quality of listed companies.

  A reporter asked at the meeting: Recently, some media reported that IPOs will be investigated for 10 years. What is the China Securities Regulatory Commission’s response?

  In this regard, Yan Bojin said that the China Securities Regulatory Commission system insists on being investor-oriented, strictly reviews companies planning to be listed, severely punishes violations of laws and regulations, and infringes on the interests of investors, and uses the deterrent power of supervision to prevent companies from "going through the border with illness" ” to improve the quality of listed companies from the source.

After a company is listed, financial authenticity remains the top priority for daily supervision.

The China Securities Regulatory Commission comprehensively uses various methods such as regular reporting supervision and on-site inspections to cyclically screen high-risk and suspicious companies. If financial fraud or fraudulent issuance is discovered, cases will be filed and investigated in accordance with the law. If the circumstances are serious, they will be transferred to the public security organs for criminal liability.

It can be said that whether it is a company under review or a company that has already been listed, no matter when the company is listed, it will be subject to continuous and strict supervision by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

  Yan Bojin also said that preventing and cracking down on financial fraud and fraudulent issuances is a continuous process. There is currently no arrangement for a 10-year IPO review. This statement in the media reflects investors' concern for the quality of listed companies.

In the supervision of issuance and listing, the China Securities Regulatory Commission is continuing to strengthen controls across the entire chain and severely punish financial fraud and fraudulent issuances.

The China Securities Regulatory Commission will also significantly increase the proportion of on-site inspections of companies planning to be listed to respond to investors' concerns by improving the quality of listed companies.