On February 16, Shanghe Company held its 2024 corporate meeting in Shanghai.

As people across the country celebrate the New Year, dealers from all over the country gather together to discuss strategic goals and action plans for 2024.

  During the meeting, Chen Minjun, CEO of Sunhe Company, delivered a speech.

She said that Suntech will adhere to the two-wheel drive of innovation and quality and is committed to providing consumers with more scientific and effective health solutions.

Chen Minjun emphasized that in the face of the increasing global health awareness and market challenges, Suntech will unswervingly increase investment in research and development and promote breakthroughs in health technology to meet the growing needs of consumers.

At the same time, she promised to fully support dealers and grow with them.

Under the leadership of Chen Minjun, Shanghe Company and its dealer team will work hand in hand to open a new chapter in the health industry.

  The holding of this conference is not only a grand event to jointly seek the future of the health industry, but also a display of Suntech's strength.

The grand scene, the enthusiasm of the dealers and the strength of Suntech all make people full of expectations for the future of Suntech.

Chen Minjun, CEO of Shanghe Company

  In this regard, Sunhe Company, with its many years of experience and firm determination in the health industry, is committed to providing scientific and effective health solutions to consumers to help them get out of sub-healthy states and move towards a healthy and better life.

Shanghe Company believes that through continuous efforts and innovation, it can make positive contributions to improving national health and building a healthy China.

At the same time, the company is committed to combining health and beauty and helping consumers achieve a better state by providing high-quality health products and professional beauty services.

  Under the current Chinese market situation, Shanghe Company will be driven by innovation and guaranteed by quality, and help consumers improve their quality of life by developing and promoting health products and services.

  To cope with this challenge, Suntech is planning to take a series of specific measures.

The top priority is to increase investment in R&D and promote breakthroughs in health technology to develop more efficient, safe and convenient solutions to meet the needs of consumers.

In addition, Suntech will further strengthen the training and support for dealers, and improve dealers' professionalism and service capabilities through in-depth communication and knowledge sharing.

At the same time, the company will also focus on improving service quality to ensure that every consumer can receive thoughtful and professional health guidance and support.

  Looking forward to the future, Sunhe Company, under the leadership of Chen Minjun, will be firmly committed to the sustainable development of the health industry, and plans to create more employment opportunities and economic value for the society through continuous innovation and market expansion.