China News Service, February 22 (Xinhua) According to the China Railway WeChat official account, on February 21, the country's railways carried 12.012 million passengers, and railway transportation was safe and stable.

On February 22, the national railway passenger flow continued to run at a high level, with an estimated 11.25 million passengers and 867 additional passenger trains.

  Railway departments in various regions actively respond to low-temperature rain, snow and freezing weather, dynamically adjust passenger train operation plans, take proactive risk avoidance measures such as speed reduction, detours, and suspensions, and organize personnel and machinery to go online to inspect lines, inspect equipment, and remove ice and snow to ensure the main railway arteries. Safe and smooth traffic to ensure safe travel for passengers.

Zhengzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd. operates 9 hot-slide de-icing EMUs to carry out catenary de-icing operations on 5 high-speed railway lines including the Zhengzhou-Zhengzhou High-speed Railway and the Zhengzhou-Xiji High-speed Railway.

The Nanchang Locomotive Depot of Nanchang Bureau Group Company has arranged 8 groups of de-icing and snow-clearing locomotives on standby to carry out de-icing and snow-clearing operations on the catenaries of some sections of the Changjiu Intercity, Wuhan-Jiu Special Line, and Shanghai-Kunming High-speed Railway.

The Nanchang Public Works Section started four rail cars, formed an emergency team, and increased the frequency of rail flaw detection and inspections on key lines and sections.

The Guangzhou Bureau Group Company organized nearly 10,000 employees from stations, communication signals, lines and other units within its management to set up a snow clearing emergency team, equipped with ice and snow clearing tools, intensified inspections of key sections such as tunnel entrances and overpass bridges, and promptly cleared the turns. Ice and snow accumulate on frames, treads and other parts.

The Qinghai-Tibet Group Corporation actively uses technological means such as strong wind monitoring and early warning systems to closely monitor the wind and speed conditions along the plateau railway to prevent the intrusion of hard and light floating objects.

  Railway departments in various regions promptly increased transport capacity on lines and sections not affected by the weather, strengthened station and train services, implemented measures to facilitate and benefit the people, and ensured passenger travel services.

The major stations of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou Bureau Group Corporation have dynamically added refund and change windows to facilitate passengers to handle refund and change tickets offline.

The waiting rooms of some stations of Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Xi'an, Chengdu and Guangzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd. are open 24 hours a day. They have deployed more personnel at the service desk to answer passenger inquiries, ensure key passenger services, and strengthen the maintenance of heating equipment and facilities to ensure that passengers are warm and comfortable while waiting. .

The main stations of Wuhan, Xi'an and Guangzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd. have laid anti-slip mats and warning signs at entrances and exits, platforms, elevators and other places, and arranged dedicated personnel to provide guidance and prompts to ensure the safety of passengers.

Harbin, Zhengzhou, Nanchang, and Chengdu Bureau Group Companies actively coordinate with municipal transportation departments to strengthen bus, subway, and taxi connections to smooth the "last mile" of passenger travel.

Shenyang Bureau Group Company has opened a green channel for group workers to enter and exit the station, designated a centralized waiting area, and arranged dedicated guidance to facilitate the travel of migrant workers.

Chengdu Bureau Group Company's Chengdu East, Dazhou, and Yibin West Stations continue to operate special trains for returning migrant workers. Since February 14, the cumulative service has ensured that more than 7,000 Sichuan migrant workers have returned to work.

Lanzhou and Urumqi Bureau Group Co., Ltd. have introduced special delicacies such as desert wind-sand chicken, gourmet chicken, and fried pork noodles on some passenger trains to enrich the meal supply on passenger trains.

  The railway department reminds passengers to pay attention to weather changes and travel service information in a timely manner and arrange travel reasonably.

In order to ensure the safety of train operation, railway vehicles have certain passenger capacity restrictions. High-speed rail trains that operate safely, at high speeds and smoothly have stricter passenger capacity restrictions. If a large number of passengers who purchase short-distance tickets do not get off the train when they arrive at the station, it will cause The overcrowding of carriages seriously affects the normal transportation order and endangers the safety of train operations. Railway staff will also persuade passengers who "buy short and take long" to get off.

To this end, the railway department reminds passengers to strictly follow the arrival and departure stations according to their tickets and jointly maintain good riding order.

(China News Finance)