Yangcheng Evening News reporter Li Zhiwen reported: The Spring Festival holiday is over and most people have returned to work mode.

Affected by the relationship between supply and demand, air ticket prices on some routes have plummeted.

Data released by online travel platform Tongcheng Travel shows that in the first week after the Spring Festival holiday, the average price of domestic air tickets dropped by 15% month-on-month, and the average price of international air tickets dropped by about 10% month-on-month.

  On the Tongcheng travel platform, among domestic air tickets, air tickets from major cities to Sanya, Harbin and other popular tourist destinations are highly discounted, and the air tickets on some routes are less than 100 yuan.

From February 21st to 29th, air tickets from Beijing to Sanya are all under 300 yuan. In late February, air tickets from Shanghai to Chongqing, Changsha, Dalian, Xi'an, Chengdu, Guiyang and other destinations are available for less than 100 yuan. , some air tickets are as low as 0.3% off.

From February 22 to the end of February, air tickets from Guangzhou and Shenzhen to Sanya are mostly between 200 and 300 yuan, with the lowest being only 220 yuan. Including machinery and fuel taxes, the price is just over 300 yuan.

  Prices on international routes have also fallen.

A few days ago, some netizens searched for air tickets from Shanghai to Japan on Ctrip, an online travel platform, and found that air tickets from Shanghai to Osaka for various periods in March were only in the single digits, with the lowest price being 8 yuan, and the price including tax was only about 410 yuan.

A reporter's inquiry on the 20th found that the current price of the platform has been shown as a price including tax, starting from a minimum of 501 yuan.

  In this regard, the relevant person in charge of Ctrip said: "This type of special air tickets is mainly affected by the supply and demand relationship. After the peak travel peak of the Spring Festival in popular cities, the flow of tourists dropped rapidly and there was excess air transport capacity. From February to March, customers have a higher probability of ' Look for these special air tickets."

  In fact, in recent years, the weeks after the Spring Festival travel peak have been a suitable time for off-peak travel.

The price of air tickets, hotels, group tours, car rentals and other travel prices has dropped significantly.

Ctrip data shows that from this year’s Spring Festival holiday to early March, the price of group tours in many destinations dropped by 30% to 50%, and the prices of group tours in popular destinations such as Sanya, Beijing, and Yunnan were even cut in half.