• The tractors arrive in Madrid The farmers' crisis threatens to skyrocket food prices in the supermarket even more

  • Mobility Farmers' strike in Madrid: schedule, roads and streets closed due to the invasion of tractors

The arrival in


of half a thousand


from five different sides throughout this Wednesday will affect traffic in different parts of the

Community of Madrid

and its accesses, especially in the city center, where several important roads will be cut off.

They have begun to head towards the center of Madrid early in the morning from the five towns near the capital that they will reach throughout this afternoon: Torrejón de la Calzada, Arganda del Rey, Robregordo, El Espinar (Segovia) and Guadalajara.

The route that starts from Torrejón de la Calzada will take the M-419, M-506 and M-406 to Leganés and continue along the M-425; From Arganda del Rey they will travel mainly along the M-208 and M-203; and from Robregordo, the roads M-978, M-636, M-634, M-126, M-127, M-131, M-103, M-111, M-603 and the service road of the A- 1.

The one that will start from El Espinar (Segovia) will travel along the N-6, M-510, M-505, M-500 roads and the overpass over the M-30, while the one that starts from Guadalajara will pass through the N-320, N-133, M-111, the service road of the M-14 and the A-2 in the direction of Avenida América.

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Madrid deploys 80 mobility agents

The confluence in Madrid of several


routes coming from various parts of Spain to participate in the demonstration in support of the situation in the agricultural sector will cause mobility problems in the capital this Wednesday, which is why the City Council will deploy 80 mobility agents in the most affected roads.

Specifically, the City Council has reported that significant incidents to road traffic are expected this Wednesday, between 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Due to the importance of the traffic effects that this demonstration, authorized by the Delegation of the Government of Spain, may have in essential arteries of the capital from the point of view of mobility, the City Council is going to deploy an operation with different road cuts. roads and with personnel to guarantee road safety.

In total, 80 mobility agents will be located on the roads where a greater number of conditions are expected in order to provide as much information as possible and minimize traffic problems. The use of public transport is recommended, especially Madrid Metro and Cercanías.

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Farmers also take their protests to Malaga with cuts on multiple roads

The agrarian organizations of


will take their protests this Wednesday to the capital of the Costa del Sol, where they have called for a demonstration that they hope will be "massive", which will affect mobility in the center and on the main access roads to the city. city.

Farmers and ranchers from all over the province are expected to attend the protest, many on their tractors and others in their own vehicles and buses accompanied by their mayors, family members and neighbors.

The arrival of the tractors to Malaga will be escorted by the security forces, since on this occasion the organizers have previously requested permission to demonstrate.

The farmers will gather on the Paseo del Parque between approximately 10:30 and 2:00 p.m., and there they will distribute oranges and lemons from Guadalhorce. During these hours, this road will be closed to traffic.

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First traffic jams on the A-42, but due to an accident

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These are the exact routes to Madrid for tractors

In the case of the route that starts from

Torrejón de la Calzada

, it will start on the M-419 to Fuenlabrada, then on the M-506 and M-406 to Leganés and they will reach the Vía Luistana (Madrid) through the M425. The mobilization will continue along Vía Lusitana, Calle Marcelo Usera, Puente de la Princesa, Glorieta de Legazpi, Paseo de las Delicias, Calle Bustamante, Calle Comercio, Avenida Menéndez Pelayo, Calle de O'Donnell, Calle Alcalá to Plaza de la Independencia.

The route that starts from


will take the N-320 to Parque de Las Castillas, N-113 to Paracuellos del Jarama and the M-111 to Barajas. You will continue along the M-14 service road, Avenida de la Hispanidad, A-2 towards Avda. de América, side of Avda. América, Avenida de Logroño, Glorieta de Canillejas, Calle Alcalá, to reach the Plaza de la Independence.

Another column will leave from

Arganda del Rey

along the M-208 and M-203 until reaching Calle Pirotecnia under the M-45 roundabout and continue along Calle Pirotecnia, Calle Aurora Boreal, Avenida de la Democracia, Plaza Alonso, Calle Casalarreina, Avenida Daroca, joining M23, Calle O'Donnell, Calle Alcalá to end at Plaza de la Independencia.

The route that leaves from


will start from Calle del Corral and continue along the M-978, M-636 and M634 to Buitrago de Lozoya. It will continue along M-126, M-127 and M131 to Torrelaguna, continue M-103, M-111 and A-1 (service road), M-603 Carretera de Fuencarral a Alcobendas, Calle Nuestra Señora de Valverde, Avenida Llano Castellano , Mauricio Legendre Street, Enrique Larreta Street, Mateo Inurria Street, Pio XII Avenue, Príncipe de Vergara Street, Alcalá Street to end at the Plaza de la Independencia.

Finally, the tractors that will depart from

El Espinar

will leave through the N-6, M-510 to Galapagar and will continue along the M-505 and M-500 to continue through the Overpass over the M-30. The route will advance along Paseo de Ruperto Chapí, Paseo de Camoens, Calle Marqués de Urquijo, Calle Alberto Aguilera, Calle de Carranza, Calle de Sagasta, Calle de Génova, Plaza de Colón, Calle Armada Española, Calle Serrano to end at the Plaza de the independence.

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Interior increases the number of detainees to 51 during the two weeks of protests in the agricultural sector

The Ministry of the Interior has raised the number of detainees due to the

protest in the agricultural sector

to 51 with data accumulated from February 6 to 7:00 p.m., when two weeks of mobilizations with road and tractor trailer cuts have been completed.

According to the Interior report, the primary sector protest has also left 8,945 people identified for possible sanctions and 3,189 administrative complaints in application of both the organic law on citizen security and road safety.

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More than 800 farmers and ranchers from La Unió participate in the Madrid protest

More than 800 farmers and ranchers from the

Unió Llauradora i Ramadera

, coming from various parts of the Valencian Community, are expected to participate this Wednesday in Madrid in the tractor rally called by the state organization Unión de Uniones and which will end at the doors of the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Valencian expedition will leave by bus, although some tractors will also travel this Tuesday from the Utiel-Requena region to demand "real and effective" measures for the sector, as reported by the agricultural organization in a statement.

Nearly 500 tractors and 100 buses from all over Spain are expected to attend the

mobilization this Wednesday in Madrid, which will be held under the motto

'#NosSobranLosMotivos' .

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