China News Service, Harbin, February 21 (Reporter Jiang Hui) "The changes in Heilongjiang are surprising, and the boom in ice and snow tourism makes me more confident in this fertile land." On the evening of the 21st, the 24th Annual Conference of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum opened at the permanent venue of Yabuli Entrepreneurs Forum. Said Yu Minhong, rotating chairman of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum and chairman of New Oriental Education Technology Group.

  The Yabuli Chinese Entrepreneurs Forum, which originated in Heilongjiang Province, has grown and grown over the past 24 years, and its interactions with Heilongjiang Province have become increasingly close. The two parties have supported and developed each other, and have produced fruitful results. At the cooperation project signing ceremony of the 24th Annual Conference of the Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum held on the 21st, Heilongjiang Province signed a total of 125 projects with a total contract value of 94.036 billion yuan. Public data shows that as of the end of 2021, a total of 23 directors of the Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum have invested more than 90 billion yuan in Heilongjiang Province.

  At this annual meeting, Harbin’s ice and snow tourism has become a hot topic among many entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are full of confidence in the development of Heilongjiang Province and have put forward suggestions on how Harbin can transform from a "red season" to a "hot season".

  Zhou Hongyi, founder and chairman of 360 Group, said that many entrepreneurs should learn from Heilongjiang and Harbin. I hope that this year, Heilongjiang will become a province with internet celebrities.

  "Compared to the south, Harbin's summer is very cool, which is an advantage." Lu Hao, chairman of Beijing Zhonghui International Sports Management Co., Ltd., suggested that Harbin can take advantage of the climate to introduce sports tourism projects such as hiking and camping, attract some sports events to be held in Harbin, and continue the hot popularity in winter.

  “A good story prototype must constantly add new story elements in order to continue to attract consumers.” Zhang Jianbin, CEO of Fosun Tourism Culture, suggested that we should learn from the practices of advanced international peers to make the theme of ice and snow bigger and more thorough, and form an influential IP product. At the same time, combined with Harbin’s artistic resources, we can create some performing arts products with sustained IP influence. Harbin has a huge space in this regard.

  “Tourism must play the cultural card and start with sustainable development.” As a local enterprise in Heilongjiang Province, Luan Fang, chairman of Harbin Central Red Group Co., Ltd., said that summer tourism in Heilongjiang should be started immediately after the ice and snow. The spring, summer and autumn in Heilongjiang can be regarded as a long summer. Harbin Summer and Harbin Night are very good resources, and Harbin’s night economy has huge development potential. (over)