In 2023, China's automobile exports will rank first in the world for the first time. Data recently released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers showed that in January this year, China exported 443,000 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 47.4%, continuing its rapid growth trend. The influence of Chinese automobile brands continues to increase, injecting new impetus into the development of the global automobile industry. Our reporters visited the automobile markets in the United Arab Emirates, Belgium, and Mexico to learn about the local sales of Chinese brand cars and how to promote the green transformation and development of the local automobile industry.

United Arab Emirates——

“Better meet the needs of local people”

  "Not long ago, I saw BYD's promotional video of the U8 new energy vehicle on the Internet, and I was shocked. Chinese brand cars have a good driving experience and high cost performance. China National Building Materials' Dubai overseas warehouse will soon introduce the BYD U8. I look forward to a test drive as soon as possible. car," said Jihad, the head of a Jordanian automobile trading company.

  The reporter saw thousands of Chinese-made cars lined up neatly at the China Building Materials Dubai Overseas Warehouse in the Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone in the United Arab Emirates. "There are passenger cars and commercial vehicles here, there are fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles, and there are economical and luxurious models." Li Weifeng, the person in charge of China National Building Materials' Dubai overseas warehouse, said that in recent years, Chinese cars have entered the Middle East and North Africa market one after another, and local consumers The recognition of Chinese automobile brands continues to increase. China National Building Materials' Dubai overseas warehouse has sold more than 10,000 cars and cooperated with the China Automobile Dealers Association to establish the China New Energy Vehicle Middle East Trading Center.

  Statistics from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers show that in 2023, the UAE was China's ninth largest vehicle export market. From January to November 2023, China exported 137,000 vehicles to the UAE. Throughout the Middle East, Chinese brand cars are favored by more and more consumers. Among them, Saudi Arabia is China's fifth largest vehicle export market, and Chinese brand cars account for more than 10% of the Saudi market share. In Jordan, Chinese new energy vehicles account for 80% of the market share.

  Great Wall Motors has entered the Middle East market for 27 years. In 2022, the Great Wall Motors Tank 300 will be launched in the Middle East; in 2023, the Tank 500 will be launched in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Iraq, and Kuwait; in early 2023, Great Wall Motors' first parts center in the Middle East will start operations in the United Arab Emirates. Shi Qingke, vice president of Great Wall Motors, said that most Middle Eastern countries regard green economy as one of their national development strategies, and coupled with favorable factors such as the younger consumer groups in the Middle East, China's new energy vehicle sales are expected to achieve rapid growth in the Middle East.

  A report issued by Glasgow Research Consulting Company headquartered in Dubai believes that Chinese automobile brands have many advantages in becoming popular in the Middle East, including more complete varieties, continuous improvement of quality, more competitive prices, progress in localization, outstanding advantages of new energy vehicles, Perfect after-sales service, etc. The report emphasizes that Middle Eastern countries, including the United Arab Emirates, are accelerating energy transformation and "Chinese brand cars are highly consistent with the development needs of Middle Eastern countries."

  "More and more Chinese cars are entering the UAE market, which better meets the needs of the local people." Rashid Nuaimi, an elected member of the Abu Dhabi Executive Committee, said that the UAE is an important trade and financial center and welcomes more Chinese Companies come to the UAE to invest and develop.


“Chinese cars are of high quality, low price and reliable performance”

  In recent years, reporters have seen more and more Chinese brand cars on the streets of Belgium. Data from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers shows that in 2023, Belgium will be China's third largest automobile export market and the largest export market for new energy vehicles. From January to November 2023, China exported 202,000 complete vehicles to Belgium, most of which were new energy vehicles. As an important automobile distribution center in Europe, Belgium is the first stop for many Chinese brand cars to enter the European market. In 2023, more than 260,000 Chinese brand cars will be transshipped to other European countries through the Antwerp-Bruges Port in Belgium.

  Mustafa, a taxi driver in Brussels, told reporters that he has recently taken a fancy to NIO cars from China. "I particularly like this brand. The design is beautiful, the quality is reliable, and the price is also very attractive." In recent years, NIO has built 6 NIO centers and 9 NIO centers in Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden. space and 56 service centers.

  Chinese brand buses are also popular in Europe. At the 2023 World Bus Expo in Brussels, China Yutong Bus Co., Ltd. displayed 4 pure electric technology models, covering different operating scenarios such as tourism and urban public transportation. Among them, the T15E pure electric bus won two design awards and environmental protection awards. Grand prize.

  In 2023, Yutong signed an order for 250 pure electric buses with the Greek Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport; in Denmark, Yutong delivered 126 new energy buses, accounting for more than 50% of the local pure electric bus market; in Hilke, a small town in northern Norway Ness, the first batch of Yutong pure electric buses are operating in the Arctic Circle... As Europe accelerates the green transformation of public transportation, Yutong accelerates its entry into the European market with its new energy technology advantages.

  Data shows that among the new energy vehicles exported from China in 2023, 38% will be exported to the European market. European industry insiders said that in recent years, Chinese automobiles have developed rapidly in battery technology, intelligent driving and other fields, giving European consumers a higher recognition of China's automobile technology strength. Jacques van der Meulen, CEO of the Port of Antwerp-Bruges in Belgium, said: "For consumers, Chinese cars are of high quality, low price and reliable performance. In the next few years, the number of Chinese cars exported to Europe will further increase."


“Sustainable solutions for transport operations are vital”

  Recently, BYD delivered 55 electric buses to the Mexico City public transportation department, which is the largest single delivery order of electric buses in Mexico to date. These buses will be used for the daily operation of Mexico City Rapid Transit Line 4. The line is 35 kilometers long and is used by about 120,000 people every day.

  The BYD electric bus delivered this time is 15 meters long, has a maximum passenger capacity of 130 people, a cruising range of 200 kilometers, and a charging time of 3 hours. Rosario Castro, general manager of Mexico City Rapid Transit Company, said: "Sustainable transportation operation solutions are crucial. This cooperation with BYD is an important manifestation of the transformation of Mexico's public transportation system to electrification. "

  Zou Zhou, head of BYD's Mexico branch, told reporters that in March 2023, BYD will officially enter the Mexican passenger car market, mainly launching pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid models. Currently, Dolphin, Seal and other models have been launched locally, and it is expected to build 50 4S sales stores by the end of 2024 to bring more new energy vehicle options to the Mexican people.

  In recent years, Chinese car companies have flourished in the Mexican market, with their brand awareness and sales increasing. Data from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers shows that from January to November 2023, China exported 376,000 complete vehicles to Mexico, which is China's second largest automobile export market. In March 2023, SAIC Group opened an international self-operated route from Ningde to Mexico; in November 2023, Geely established its first Latin American regional subsidiary in Mexico and plans to launch 5 more new cars within a year; the Frison T8 produced by Jianghuai Automobile Popular in the Mexican market…

  Chinese brands such as BAIC, SAIC, Chery, and Changan have established production bases in Mexico. Mexican netizen Rodriguez said: "Compared to 10 years ago, China's automobile industry has made great progress. As China takes solid steps in the automobile industry, I will not feel uncomfortable if the best-selling automobile brand in the future comes from China. surprise."

  (This newspaper’s reports from Dubai, Brussels and Mexico City, February 19)

  (People's Daily)