In the Tokyo stock market on the 20th, following the announcement of China's monetary easing, the Nikkei Stock Average rose by more than 200 yen at one point, approaching an all-time high during trading hours, but after that it seems likely that profits will be booked. This sell order has spread, and there has been a mix of buying and selling.

In the Tokyo market on the 20th, the Chinese central bank announced that it had lowered interest rates, which are a guideline for long-term lending, such as mortgage interest rates. Buy orders have expanded.

The Nikkei Stock Average rose by more than 200 yen to the 38,700 yen level at one point in the morning, but after that, sell orders spread to lock in profits for the time being.

▽The morning closing price of the Nikkei Stock Average was 38,438.64 yen, 31.74 yen lower than the closing price on the 19th.

▽TSE Stock Price Index = Topics fell by 5.50 to 2634.19.

▽The trading volume in the morning was 820.8 million shares.

A market source said, ``Ahead of the milestone of the highest price in history in approximately 34 years, there continues to be a mix of buying and selling.This week, the US semiconductor giant Nvidia is preparing to announce its financial results, and stock price trends will be influenced by this. It looks like I'll have to do it.''