José M. Rodríguez Silva

Updated Tuesday, February 20, 2024-00:11

  • Companies The National Court suspends a payment of 64 million from Glovo due to its economic situation

Discounts at the gym,

access to an online mental health program

and benefits in case of paternity leave with daycare in the office are some of the benefits that

Glovo promises for its new boss in Spain

, according to an unconventional offer on LinkedIn for a position of such high hierarchy.


All positions are published

on our website and on LinkedIn. In addition to considering internal candidates and recommendations from the company's own employees, we want anyone who wants to join the project to have the possibility of participating in the process for any position," says a Glovo spokesperson.

The company

has already received 70 applications

for the position which has a

generous social benefits package

, which also includes a lot of shares, private health insurance, two days a week of teleworking and three weeks from anywhere in the world and a monthly credit allocation on Glovo to place your orders.

The offer, however,

does not include the salary

that the person in charge of this position in the home delivery company will receive, an amount that varies greatly depending on the profile in this type of position.

The chosen one will replace Xavier Virgili Grau

at the head of Glovo's daily operations in Spain

, who will join another of the Barcelona-based unicorns, Factorial, as vice president at the end of the month.

The manager who joins the company must have ten or more years of experience in "agile" business environments such as


, investment banking, technology and consulting firms.

This will have more than 200 employees under his command

and will directly supervise areas ranging from day-to-day operations to the development of new business opportunities, the consolidation of the

quick commerce

area and the creation of a long-term strategy for the company.

Likewise, he will also be the

main interlocutor of the company with its clients and the regulator and the Government

in a scenario marked by the conflict opened by its distributors and the labor nature or not of them with the Ministry of Labor and its rivals, who accuse to the company from unfair competition.

Delicate situation

The company's commitment to continue keeping its riders as self-employed after the publication of the homonymous law has resulted in

numerous million-dollar fines

, although the majority are already prior to the legislation being approved as the majority of courts consider that the relationship of


with its delivery drivers is of

a work nature



expected losses of 209 million euros

in 2023, the group managed to have the execution of several million-dollar fines suspended due to its delicate economic situation. More recently, another front has been opened, such as the possible use by illegal immigrants of delivery driver accounts.