China News Service, February 20 (Xinhua) According to the WeChat public account of the Industry Information WeChat Newspaper, during the Spring Festival of 2024, the communication industry network will operate safely and stably, communication services will be smooth and orderly, and mobile data traffic, international and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan roaming services will grow rapidly, achieving the goal of 2024 A good start to the year.

5G traffic accounts for half, and video apps continue to be active

  During the Spring Festival in 2024, the cumulative mobile Internet user access traffic in 9 days (0:00 on February 9 to 24:00 on February 17) reached 6.745 million TB (1TB = 1024GB), an increase of 21.7% on a comparable basis compared with the Spring Festival in 2023. The growth rate accelerated by 15.4 percentage points year-on-year. Among them, mobile Internet access traffic reached its peak (781,000 TB) on February 10 (the first day of the Lunar New Year), a year-on-year increase of 14.8%. 5G mobile Internet user access traffic has increased significantly. On a comparable basis, it has increased by 72.7% compared with the Spring Festival in 2023, accounting for 49.9% of mobile Internet user access traffic. The top five APPs (mobile applications) with the most traffic during the Spring Festival are Douyin, WeChat, Kuaishou, Tencent Video and Toutiao, accounting for more than 75% of all APP traffic.

International and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan roaming services have doubled year-on-year, and call and text message volumes have stabilized.

  With the rapid recovery of outbound travel, the average number of daily active customers for international and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan roaming during the Spring Festival reached 2.98 million, an increase of more than 100% compared with the Spring Festival in 2023, and an increase of 8.7% compared with the National Day holiday in 2023; among which, the fourth to sixth day of the Lunar New Year The number of daily active customers for three-day roaming is at its peak level, with the average number of daily active customers reaching or exceeding 3.1 million. During the Spring Festival, the national mobile phone billing time totaled 69.75 billion minutes, a decrease of 0.13% from the Spring Festival in 2023 on a comparable basis. The number of mobile text messages sent nationwide was 31.85 billion, a decrease of 2.5% from the Spring Festival in 2023 on a comparable basis. Among them, the number of mobile text messages sent reached its peak (6 billion) on February 9 (New Year's Eve), a year-on-year increase of 18.8%. The SMS business is reminding Prompts, verification and certification will further play a role.

Actively strengthen supply and promote consumption, and communication services continue to improve and upgrade

  Basic telecommunications companies strive to improve their response capabilities during the Spring Festival, strengthen emergency coordination for ice and snow disaster areas, implement emergency support resources, load emergency customer service in 31 provinces, clear fault work orders on a daily basis, and service operations are generally stable and orderly. Actively take measures to facilitate and benefit the people, organize Spring Festival activities for people returning from rural areas, and ensure the number and operating hours of convenience service outlets in towns and villages; launch large-print mode, dialect switching, one-click manual customer service and other aging-friendly services, and the consumption environment continues to be optimized. Actively organize online and offline integrated Spring Festival special activities to create a strong festive atmosphere. China Telecom launched a New Year's greetings marketing campaign in the digital space of thousands of commercial complexes. Online people can enter the digital space to receive a variety of coupons. Offline, it created Internet celebrity business halls and The internet celebrity complex attracts users to check in. China Mobile offers monthly rental fee reductions and exemptions for small and medium-sized enterprises during the Spring Festival, provides New Year marketing ringtones and templates, and creates exclusive products for retail, hotel and other scenarios; China Unicom creates enterprise cloud scenarios based on cloud and security products, and carries out "safe process" New Year's Eve" event helps enterprises quickly, efficiently and securely migrate to the cloud.

Actively apply new technology innovations to continuously promote digital consumption upgrades and digital-real integration development

  Basic telecommunications companies actively use 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data and other technologies to innovate consumption scenarios and stimulate consumption potential, helping to get off to a good start throughout the year. We took advantage of opportunities such as the Spring Festival greetings to promote new 5G services, enriched the special functions of 5G video calls, and significantly increased the number of users. Using AI to reshape the original business and improve users' perception of AIGC-empowered services, China Mobile has carried out New Year activities such as AI writing blessings and "Everyone has a Digital Homo", and the number of AI application experience exceeds 10 million. China Telecom's "AI digital salesperson" changes into holiday clothes, upgrades user experience, and provides uninterrupted service processing and product purchasing capabilities. China Unicom's "Digital Village Platform" has been upgraded to a new version, creating residential security products such as facial recognition and smart alarms, promoting rural one-code game applications, and promoting the upgrading of the rural tourism industry through digitalization. Continue to use big data technology to carry out monitoring and dynamic research and analysis of Spring Festival travel passenger flow to provide services to traffic management departments; monitor passenger flow trends in multiple scenic spots in real time to assist cultural and tourism management departments in emergency command and passenger flow diversion; launch real-time control and early warning of fireworks and firecrackers , to improve the level of fire safety management; conduct an analysis of consumption during the Spring Festival holiday and resumption of work and production after the holiday, to reflect the recovery of economic vitality. (China News Finance)