China News Service, February 20 (China News Financial Reporter Zuo Yuqing) With gold operating at a high level, the popularity of domestic gold purchases continues unabated. However, recently, a consumer in Tianjin said on a short video platform that he went to Lao Fengxiang to clean mildew on a gold bracelet, and the brand logo was suspected to have been deliberately rubbed off. Related topics subsequently became hot searches.

  According to the video, in the steel seal on the inner wall of the gold bracelet, the three words "Lao Fengxiang" have been worn away, but the words "Thousand Pure Gold" are still clearly visible. The party involved believed that the inner wall of the bracelet was in the shape of an arc that was concave inward, and the steel seal could not be touched when worn normally. It was also stored in Lao Fengxiang’s jewelry box. The reason given by Lao Fengxiang’s staff that it was “worn due to improper wearing or storage” was not valid.  

On the gold bracelet displayed by the consumer, the brand LOGO has been worn away and cannot be seen clearly. Screenshot from short video platform.

  "Why can't Thousand Pure Gold be worn away, but this (brand) is worn away? And this is obviously a mark of being rubbed on me. It is yellow and shiny." The person involved said that he had called the police, and the relevant departments also called him back. Learn more about the incident.

  Why was Lao Fengxiang’s clerk questioned for deliberately erasing the brand logo?

  Some netizens said that real gold will not become moldy and suspected that there was something wrong with the purity of Lao Fengxiang's gold. Some netizens also questioned that Lao Fengxiang's staff deliberately washed off the brand logo to avoid being asked for after-sales service due to quality issues in the future.

  In this regard, Sino-Singapore Finance called several Laofengxiang gold stores, and the clerks all said that after the sale of gold jewelry, you need to bring jewelry and invoices. "It's best to find the invoice. If the invoice is accidentally lost, we need to check the stamp on (the jewelry)."

  On the 19th, the person involved released a video again, showing the invoice for purchasing gold jewelry and revealing the two solutions given by the store: one is to leave the bracelet on the counter, and Lao Fengxiang is responsible for returning it to the factory to have the stamp stamped again, and notifying her after the bracelet comes back. Go get it; second, exchange it for gold jewelry of the same weight as the above-mentioned bracelet at the Lao Fengxiang counter, which can exempt you from the 6% loss fee, but you need to pay the labor fee. However, based on the distrust caused by the previous actions of the store staff, the parties involved did not recognize the plan proposed by Lao Fengxiang Store.

  Sino-Singapore Finance has noticed that many explosive videos of the parties involved have been removed from the shelves. The person concerned stated in the comment area that the reason for the removal was that the platform received a report of infringement of other people's portrait rights.

  On the 20th, a staff member of the Tianjin Hexi District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau told a reporter from Sino-Singapore Finance that the two parties have reached a settlement and the specific solution cannot be disclosed.

  Lao Feng Xiang's official website shows that Lao Feng Xiang Silver House was founded in Shanghai in 1848, covering a diversified product line of gold, platinum, diamonds, white jade, jade, pearls, colored stones, silver, amber, enamel, coral, jewelry glasses, watches, craft travel souvenirs, etc. , with nearly 6,000 sales outlets nationwide. (over)