China News Service, Harbin, February 20 (Reporter Shi Yifu) The Heilongjiang Provincial Investment Promotion Conference was held in Harbin on the 20th. He Jing, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, introduced at the meeting that the province is empowered by investment promotion. High-quality development of the cultural tourism industry. In 2023, Heilongjiang Province will complete an investment of 8.576 billion yuan in the cultural tourism field.

Photo by Guo Junfeng at the Heilongjiang Provincial Investment Promotion Conference

  Heilongjiang is endowed with unique ice and snow resources and was the first city in China to develop ice and snow tourism. According to mobile big data statistics, the China Tourism Academy estimates that during the Spring Festival holiday, Heilongjiang Province received a total of 22.207 million tourists, an average increase of 75.9% compared with last year; tourism revenue was 27.19 billion yuan, an average increase of 102.1% year-on-year.

  Heilongjiang has become the "top trend" this winter due to tourism, and the public is generally concerned about how the province can move from "traffic" to "retaining tourists", from "cultural tourism attracting tourists" to "attracting talents and investment." On the same day, He Jing, Party Secretary and Director of the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, said that Heilongjiang Province is committed to transforming tourism flow into economic momentum and promoting investment in the characteristic cultural tourism industry to achieve new breakthroughs.

  In 2023, Heilongjiang Province has signed a total of 31 projects in the cultural tourism field, 145 key cultural tourism projects have resumed work, and completed an investment of 8.576 billion yuan. 58 projects including Harbin Ice and Snow World Four Seasons Ice and Snow have been completed and put into operation, injecting ice and snow tourism into the hot industry. strong momentum.

  In 2023, the province will adhere to policy empowerment, fully implement the policies to attract investment in the cultural tourism industry and support the development of the ice and snow economy, attracting nearly 300 interested Chinese companies to Heilongjiang Province for on-site inspections and docking projects; insisting on cultural empowerment, relying on the ice and snow industry this winter The world has introduced more than 20 foreign performing arts groups to plan and launch the "Harbin Ice Show" performing arts project.

  Adhere to technological empowerment, introduce China (Shenzhen) Comprehensive Development Research Institute, set up a cultural and tourism industry science and technology innovation center in Heilongjiang Province, and cluster investment in an integrated way of "industry-university-research recruitment, construction, operation and investment"; adhere to brand empowerment and connect with Alps Brand hotel companies such as International Resort, Club Med, and InterContinental Hotels are promoting the implementation of branded vacation projects as soon as possible; insisting on traffic empowerment, they have attracted dozens of travel photography companies from Xishuangbanna and Yanji to settle in Harbin, driving the popularity of the Sophia Church travel photography project.

  He Jing said that with the popularity of ice and snow tourism, Heilongjiang cultural tourism is facing unprecedented development opportunities. The province will continue to attract popular projects with great influence, strong driving force and wide radiating coverage, turn Internet celebrities into long-term celebrities, increase traffic volume, and promote the high-quality development of the characteristic cultural tourism industry with new breakthroughs in investment promotion.

  In this regard, Song Yaowu, a professor at Northeast Petroleum University and director of the "Belt and Road" and China-Mongolia-Russia Cooperation Research Institute, said in an interview with a reporter from China News Service: "Heilongjiang must seize the opportunity of ice and snow tourism this winter to promote the long-term development of tourism. Red', economic take-off, and empowering the cultural tourism industry by attracting the return of talents and foreign investment. It is recommended that attracting foreign investment should start with projects that are highly related to tourism elements." (End)