In Jordan, teachers prepare video lessons for children in Gaza

To fight against children in Gaza dropping out of school in the midst of the war in the enclave, a Jordanian association has decided to design online courses for children in Gaza. Teachers film themselves giving a lesson.

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Displaced Palestinian children in a refugee camp in Rafah, near a UN school, November 23, 2023. © Mohammed Dahman / AP

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With our correspondent in Amman,

Mohamed Errami

Doing class in front of a camera, but with no students in the room, is the new challenge that Fairouz has taken on for a month. This physics teacher has already recorded the equivalent of eight sessions, all aimed at children in


. And to best adapt to the students who will follow her courses, the teacher had to adapt her methodology.

Fairouz, physics and chemistry teacher for middle school students: “ 

The thing that I had to change compared to a normal class was taking into account distance learning. This time the student will not need specific equipment to do his exercises, he will just have to understand the general idea and reproduce with new examples that I have provided.


80 teachers mobilized

Physics-chemistry, mathematics, English or Arabic literature... In the ten classrooms, transformed into recording studios, 80 teachers are busy preparing their lessons. Once finished, the video is viewed and then edited by some volunteer editors from the


association .

Sarah Kawasmi, manager at Jo Academy explains the approach: “ 

For the teacher, the camera truly becomes the student, the teacher explains his lesson and that is how the course is presented for an hour


At this stage, no date has yet been set for the first Gazans children to be able to attend classes. But the device will take the form of an application which will only require internet for downloading with modules ranging from CP to the end of high school.

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