According to a report by the Economic Daily on February 18, the People’s Procuratorate of Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province recently handled a fraud case. Mr. Xie, a self-employed business owner, received a strange phone call. The caller claimed to be a staff member of a government department and asked him to file an annual report in a timely manner. Since the other party had relevant information, Mr. Xie believed it to be true. After paying attention to the official account provided by the other party, he paid the declaration fee of 228 yuan. Later, Mr. Xie called back to inquire about the progress of the process. He found that the call could not be reached and the WeChat official account was invalid, so he called the police. In this fraud case, more than 30,000 companies and individual industrial and commercial households were defrauded, with a total amount of more than 6.6 million yuan.

  The annual report is an information disclosure mechanism for business entities to report contact information, business status, number of employees, asset status and other relevant information to regulatory authorities and society, but it is regarded by some people as a medium for fraud. In recent years, business entities have fallen into the trap of annual report fraud almost every year, which has attracted public attention. This should arouse the attention and reflection of all parties.

  Usually, the first half of each year is the statutory annual reporting period, which is often the active period for some fraudsters. Most of them pretend to be market supervision and other departments, accurately send reminders, urge annual reports and other information to operating entities, thereby defrauding annual report fees or fines for overdue annual reports, etc., or sending false annual report platform links to obtain sensitive information of operating entities, and transfer operating entities to Introducing serial scams.

  The annual report scam is hard to say clever, but it succeeds every time. It is the result of multiple factors. First, many business entities are not familiar with the annual report process, conditions, standards, etc., and do not pay much attention to the official annual report information and relevant risk warning information; second, some business entities have information protection loopholes in relevant links, or fail to do so. Strict and standardized performance of information protection obligations provides opportunities for fraudsters; thirdly, relevant social platforms and communication operators do not screen and intercept annual report fraud information or suspected annual report fraud information; in addition, relevant departments do not inspect annual reports There are still deficiencies in relevant publicity and guidance, and the path to the annual report is not simple and smooth enough...

  To prevent and curb annual report scams and protect the relevant rights and interests of business entities, we must target the above-mentioned "causes" and prescribe appropriate remedies. For example, market supervision departments, industry associations, self-employed workers' associations, etc. can widely publicize the path, platform, conditions and other information of business entities' annual reports through various media, so that business entities are fully aware of the zero-charge attribute of annual reports. At the same time, they can be combined with the release of judicial departments annual report fraud cases, dissect the scam routines, and sound the alarm to business entities through case explanations; the public security, procuratorate, and other departments should carry out special management of annual report fraud and business entity information leakage, theft, reselling, etc., cut off the chain of interests, and allow Criminals should pay the necessary legal price; social platforms, self-media platforms, communication operators, etc. should strengthen their attention and research on annual report fraud information, and jointly determine sensitive keywords of annual report fraud information with market supervision and other departments and update them. Adjustment, on this basis, uses intelligent + manual methods to complete the screening and interception of sensitive keywords; business entities must enhance their awareness of prevention and vigilance, proactively understand official information and precautions related to annual reports, and be familiar with relevant processes and operating essentials, Be the first person responsible for resisting and preventing fraud, etc. Furthermore, it is necessary for market supervision departments to adapt to the needs of operating entities, further simplify the annual reporting process and matters, and provide relevant training and guidance.

  Annual reports are related to the legal obligations and vital interests of a large number of business entities. All relevant parties should share responsibilities and form a joint force to make annual reports simpler, more convenient and safer, instead of becoming an "annual recurring drama".

  Li Yingfeng

  (Worker Daily)