Gaza: United States vetoes “immediate” ceasefire again

The situation in Gaza was once again at the heart of a meeting of the UN Security Council this Tuesday, February 20, which was to discuss a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire. The text was blocked by the United States.

The draft ceasefire resolution received 13 votes in favor, one abstention and one against. AP - Seth Wenig

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The draft resolution, which demanded " 

an immediate humanitarian ceasefire which must be respected by all parties

 ", received thirteen votes in favor, one abstention (United Kingdom) and one against, that of the United States. This is the third American veto since the start of

the war between Israel and Hamas


Supported by a group of Arab countries led by Algeria after more than three weeks of discussions, the text also opposed the " 

forced displacement of the Palestinian civilian population

 ", while Israel spoke of an evacuation of civilians before an offensive ground in Rafah where 1.4 million people are crowded in the south of the Gaza Strip. “ 

A vote for this draft resolution is support for the Palestinian right to live. Conversely, voting against means support for the brutal violence and collective punishment inflicted on them

 ,” commented Algerian Ambassador Amar Bendjama just before the vote.

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Like previous texts castigated by Israel and the United States, this one did not condemn the unprecedented attack by Hamas on October 7 against Israel. The United States had warned this weekend that the Algerian text was not acceptable. “

 I understand the Council's desire to act urgently (...) but this desire cannot blind us to the reality on the ground, and cannot undermine the only path, I repeat, the only path leading to lasting peace

 ,” US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield insisted on Tuesday. Israel's primary supporter, the United States believes that this resolution would have endangered the delicate diplomatic negotiations on the ground to obtain a truce including a new release of hostages.

Alternative project

In this context, they circulated an alternative draft resolution. While they had until now systematically opposed the use of the term "ceasefire", vetoing two texts in October and December, their version supports a ceasefire, but not immediate, and under conditions. Echoing recent statements by Joe Biden, the text thus evokes a “ 

temporary ceasefire in Gaza as soon as it is feasible

 ” and on the basis of a “ 


 ” including the release of all hostages. The American project is also firm on Rafah, warning that “ 

a large-scale land offensive should not take place under current conditions



The message sent today to Israel by this veto is that they can continue to do anything with impunity

 ,” responded the Palestinian ambassador to the UN, Riyad Mansour, denouncing the “ 


 ” provided by Americans to Israel.

The Security Council, largely divided on the Israeli-Palestinian issue for years, has only been able to adopt two resolutions on this issue since October 7, essentially humanitarian. Without much result: the entry of aid into Gaza remains largely insufficient.





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