China News Service, February 21 (China News Business Reporter Wu Jiaju) How influential is the Spring Festival Gala?

  After the Spring Festival holiday, the popularity of the song "Shangchunshan" itself, "Shangchunshan Milk Tea", and even the same style of clothing for the Spring Festival Gala continues, and its performance is outstanding in people's daily consumption.

"Shangchunshan XX" refreshes the screen

  After the Spring Festival Gala, topics related to "Going to Spring Mountain" continued to trend on Weibo. As of the 20th, on Douyin, the total number of views of the video on the topic "Shangchunshan" exceeded 1.4 billion; on Station B, there were multiple videos about "Shangchunshan" with more than one million views.

  At the same time, "Shangchunshan" models have appeared in customized milk tea, singing K, and mountain climbing.

  Many netizens posted on social platforms the "Shangchunshan Milk Tea" they bought at 1:00. However, there is no milk tea named "Shangchunshan" in the 1-Dian menu. "Shangchunshan Milk Tea" actually comes from the "spontaneous customization" of netizens. Many 1Diandian milk tea stores in Beijing confirmed to reporters that they had sold customized versions of "Shangchunshan Milk Tea".

  The "recipe" posted by netizens shows that the common steps for making a cup of "Shangchunshan Milk Tea" are: select macchiato as the category, select jasmine green tea, matcha, etc. as the base, and add ingredients such as boba, coconut milk jelly, etc., and finally give the cup The milk tea is named "Shangchunshan".

  Picture from a social platform

  At the same time, on social platforms, you can also see videos posted by netizens of singing "Shangchunshan" at KTV. When singing, netizens generally imitate the positions and movements of Wei Chen, Wei Daxun, and Bai Jingting when they sang "Up the Spring Mountain" in the Spring Festival Gala. Many KTVs in Beijing also recently told reporters that they already have the song "Up Spring Mountain".

  Picture from a social platform

  In addition, some netizens shared photos of themselves climbing mountains with the title "Climbing Spring Mountain".

  The China Trademark Network shows that there are currently companies that own the "Shangchunshan" trademark. In September 2021, Shenzhen Chunhuohuo Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. applied to register three "Shangchunshan" trademarks, with international classifications of 5, 10 and 35 respectively. The three trademarks were successfully registered in February and March 2022.

Playing card manufacturers tear out "good news"

  At the 2024 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Liu Qian's magic program "Staying New Year's Eve and Staying New Year's Eve Together" also attracted attention. During the performance, Liu Qian interacted with the national audience and led the national audience to tear up playing cards together.

  Some netizens joked: So many playing cards were torn off overnight, which is a major benefit to playing card manufacturers such as Yaoji Poker.

  On February 19, the first trading day of the Year of the Dragon for A-shares, Yaoji Technology’s stock price rose by more than 7%. However, on the 20th, its stock price fell by more than 3%.

  Stock price screenshot

"Same style for Spring Festival Gala" is popular

  In addition, the "Spring Festival Gala Style" was already popular on the night the program was broadcast. data shows that during the 4 hours of the Spring Festival Gala, searches for the same sweater of Zhang Ruonan’s Spring Festival Gala increased 21 times month-on-month, searches for the same lipstick of Zhang Tianai increased 10 times month-on-month, searches for the same lipstick of Tang Yan increased 12 times month-on-month, and searches for the same lipstick of Dilraba increased 12 times month-on-month. The search volume for Xin Zhilei's same lipstick increased 8 times month-on-month, and the search volume for Yu Mengyu's same Lawrence Xu dress and other keywords increased 20 times.

  The overall transaction volume of the same style of clothing products related to the Spring Festival Gala increased by 120% year-on-year. Ma Li’s white coat of the same style during the Spring Festival Gala was sold out on

  The 2024 Spring Festival Gala also set off a craze for Chinese style. Since the live broadcast of the Spring Festival Gala, the transaction volume of new Chinese-style clothing has increased by 215% year-on-year, and the transaction volume of Hanfu categories has increased by 325% year-on-year. Among them, the transaction volume of children's Hanfu categories has increased by more than 400% year-on-year, and the transaction volume of trendy clothing categories has increased by 160% year-on-year. (over)