China News Service, Beijing, February 20 (Reporter Sun Zifa) The reporter learned from the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Co., Ltd. (COMAC) that on the opening day of the Singapore Airshow on February 20, China's domestic large passenger aircraft C919 and regional passenger aircraft ARJ21 were newly signed 56 aircraft orders, including 40 C919 plateau prototypes, 10 ARJ21 plateau prototypes and 6 ARJ21 derivatives.

  The 56 passenger aircraft orders were signed by Tibet Airlines, Henan Aviation Investment and COMAC at the Singapore Air Show. Among them, Tibet Airlines and COMAC signed orders for 40 C919 plateau prototypes and 10 ARJ21 plateau aircraft; Henan Aviation Investment and China COMAC signed an order for 6 ARJ21 derivative aircraft, including ARJ21 fire extinguisher, ARJ21 medical aircraft and ARJ21 emergency rescue command aircraft.

China's large passenger aircraft C919 and regional passenger aircraft ARJ21 made their debut at the Singapore Air Show (photo by Jiang Xiao). COMAC/Photo provided

  The C919 plateau prototype is one of the important models in the series development of C919 aircraft. Based on the C919 basic model, it meets the transportation requirements in plateau areas by shortening the fuselage and implementing plateau modifications. The number of seats is 140-160, and the take-off and landing performance meets the requirements. All high altitude airports in China.

  The ARJ21 plateau prototype has a maximum take-off and landing altitude of 14,500 feet. It has good plateau airport take-off and landing performance and crosswind resistance, and can cover most high-altitude airports in China. The ARJ21 fire extinguisher can quickly respond to fires, accurately locate fire areas, and efficiently extinguish fires, taking into account daily aerial monitoring and early warning as well as commuting. The ARJ21 medical aircraft has functions such as aviation medical rescue and medical transport, and can be used for patient transport, infectious disease transport and critical first aid. The ARJ21 emergency rescue command aircraft can realize situational awareness, command decision-making and dispatching of disaster situations. It can be used for airspace command, emergency rescue command and rescue force transportation, and the establishment of temporary communication networks in disaster areas.

COMAC’s booth at the Singapore Airshow (photo by Guan Chao). COMAC/Photo provided

  According to COMAC, the C919 aircraft will complete its first commercial flight in May 2023. Four aircraft have been delivered so far, and more than 110,000 passengers have been safely transported. Mass production and series development are progressing steadily. Since the ARJ21 aircraft was put into commercial operation in June 2016, a total of 127 ARJ21 aircraft have been delivered and more than 11 million passengers have been safely transported. In addition, related work on ARJ21 business jets, medical aircraft, emergency rescue command aircraft, fire extinguishers and other derivative models is currently being carried out in an orderly manner, and the first batch of two passenger-converted cargo aircraft have been delivered to customers. (over)