China News Service, February 21 (China News Business Reporter Zuo Yuqing) The Spring Festival holiday is over, and there are also a number of "conspicuous bags" wearing new Chinese styles to work.

  Although the spirit of the new year is gradually fading, the red-colored "Spring First Uniform" of the Spring Festival Gala has remained popular until the start of construction. New Chinese-style clothing such as horse-faced skirts not only add a sense of ritual to the festival, but also drive a wave of traditional cultural consumption.

Sales exceed 300 million yuan, Spring Festival Gala makes "New Year shirt" popular

  Watching the Spring Festival Gala and shopping for the same style is a great fun for young people during the New Year, and the new Chinese style that fits the Spring Festival atmosphere is undoubtedly the top trend in this year’s Spring Festival Gala.

  As early as during the Spring Festival Gala rehearsal, Yang Mi became popular with a wave of new Chinese cotton-padded clothes. The traditional Chinese pattern creation show "Nian Brocade" on stage during the Spring Festival Gala made topics such as "Liu Shishi's Lady with Hairpins", "Li Qin's Spring Festival Gala Song Rhyme Ancient Costume Blockbuster" and "Guan Xiaotong's Ming Dynasty Hanfu" trending on Weibo. At the same time, it also made Song Dynasty Traditional Hanfu such as Hanfu made in the Ming Dynasty and Hanfu made in the Ming Dynasty have attracted the attention of the public.

  Wear the same style for the Spring Festival Gala. Screenshot taken from the e-commerce platform.

  Hanfu is popular on stage, and new Chinese style is also popular offstage.

  Sino-Singapore Finance noticed that Yang Mi’s same style of handmade tassel buttoned coat is now not only sold in thousands per month, but is even delayed until February 29th despite the purchase limit of 2 pieces per person; some of the original Hanfu designs that appeared in the Spring Festival Gala are also Sold out on e-commerce platforms. data shows that since the Spring Festival Gala live broadcast began, the transaction volume of new Chinese-style clothing increased by 215% year-on-year, and the transaction volume of Hanfu category increased by 325% year-on-year. Among them, the transaction volume of children's Hanfu category increased by more than 400% year-on-year, and the transaction volume of trendy brand clothing increased by 160% year-on-year.

  Among them, the horse-faced skirt, which has spread from first-tier cities to small counties, has become a well-deserved "out of the circle" item. “This year when I went back to the village to celebrate the New Year, many children wore beautiful and exquisite horse-faced skirts and Hanfu.” “In my county and town, I saw no less than 20 girls wearing horse-faced skirts.” Some netizens said.

  According to media reports, the sales of Year of the Dragon New Year clothes, mainly horse-faced skirts, in Caoxian County, Shandong this year have exceeded 300 million yuan. Some Hanfu horse-faced skirt merchants in Cao County said that production was in short supply and offline sales had increased dozens of times. A single online live broadcast account could sell nearly 200,000 yuan a day on average.

Who is wearing new Chinese style?

  From the traditional shape to the new Chinese style that includes various improved styles, Hanfu is gradually evolving from a niche hobby to a daily wear for the public. Nowadays, if the models in offline clothing stores don’t put on some new Chinese styles, they seem to be unable to keep up with the fashion trends.

  New Chinese style outfits in offline clothing stores. Photo by Zuo Yuqing

  Who is keen on wearing the new Chinese style?

  Momo (pseudonym), who has been in the Hanfu industry for 6 years, told China News Finance that overall, the popularity of new Chinese style has expanded a lot in terms of age and gender.

  "Down, many friends from middle school have started to buy Hanfu. My old middle school now has a Hanfu club. Up, I don't know if it's because the little sisters who first liked Hanfu have entered the age of raising children, or because The acceptance of Hanfu has become wider, but in recent years it is very common that families who go out to play will dress their children in Hanfu, and many of them are no longer Han-style clothes, but real Hanfu. Similarly, men in Hanfu The audience has also grown," she said.

  "Ten years ago, when I wore Chinese-style clothes, no one around me bought them. It was a bit unusual, but now it is very common." Dandan (pseudonym), another new-Chinese style enthusiast, told Sino-Singapore Finance that he liked it very much when he was in college. cheongsam. "After I started working, I bought several cheongsams one after another, and also found people to make them. However, I felt that traditional cheongsams can be worn in fewer daily situations and are not as convenient for movement as casual clothes. Later, I started buying improved cheongsams, as well as Chinese-style improvements with separate tops and trousers. .”

  “There are several reasons why I like Chinese clothes: First, the tailoring of Chinese clothes is more suitable for Asians and they are highly comfortable; second, the fabrics of good Chinese clothes are generally made of natural materials, such as linen, cotton, and silk, which are more skin-friendly. I started buying Chinese summer clothes because they are cooler, and then I started to study the fabrics of Chinese clothes, such as Xiangyunsha and Song brocade. Different materials are suitable for different clothes. Thirdly, Chinese clothes are suitable for all ages, and a piece of clothing is suitable for all ages. The range is huge, and it won’t feel weird to wear it at any age. For example, after I turn 50, I can still wear the clothes I bought now, but it will be very strange to wear tight jeans and miniskirts again,” she said.

"The distance between me and the new Chinese style is the distance between the seller's show and the buyer's show."

  Although New Chinese style is popular online and offline, for many consumers who are trying it for the first time, the distance between it and the ideal New Chinese style is still the distance between the seller's show and the buyer's show.

  “I’ve been obsessed with new Chinese-style outfits lately, especially the new Chinese-style outfits that are more powerful. I bought the same style and put it on happily. However... I asked my mother: Does it look good? My mother replied: It doesn’t look good. Like an old lady!" On social platforms, some netizens complained about the new Chinese cotton-padded jacket.

Netizens complained about the new Chinese-style cotton-padded jacket. Screenshot taken from social platform.

  In the new Chinese-style large-scale car rollover scene, some people envy celebrities wearing the same style, but they look old and bloated when wearing it themselves; some people are hesitating between prices ranging from one to two hundred yuan to thousands of yuan, wondering which one is more cost-effective and better. Both aesthetics are taken into consideration; some people are confused by the arbitrary nature of the new Chinese style: "The neckline has Chinese buttons, but the sleeves are French puff sleeves. Is this really the new Chinese style?"

  In Momo's view, the gap between the new Chinese-style buyers' shows and sellers' shows is actually the gap between no filters and high-precision photo editing, the gap between ordinary people and models, and the gap between makeup technology and photography technology. At the same time, the proliferation of piracy is also an important reason for ill-fitting clothes. "Every original style is the designer's hard work and needs to be respected. Many businesses directly copy the pattern in order to make hot money. Not only is the pattern copied incorrectly, but the fabric is also incompatible with the original version."

  Momo told Sino-Singapore Finance that even the new Chinese style is still stuck with the size issue. "I am a fat girl and need to buy large-sized Hanfu, but the sizes from Hanfu sellers are generally too small. Some of the clothes that are the right size in the details on some pages are actually too small when they are sent. This is very uncomfortable."

  Dandan told China News Finance that if New Chinese Style wants to wear comfortably, it also needs the support of the wallet. "If you have a budget, it is best to buy good materials. The effect of chemical fiber is average. In addition, some garments are not very well cut and can easily fall apart, especially cheongsam. If the figure is not standard enough or the style is not suitable, it is easy to copy them. ."(over)