China News Service, Qingdao, February 17th (Hu Yaojie and Wang Yuxuan) Qingdao Customs announced on the 17th that nine TIR transport vehicles loaded with auto parts completed the customs clearance and supervision procedures at Jiaozhou Customs, a subsidiary of Qingdao Customs, and drove out of China Telecom ( The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) international logistics port customs supervision workplace is expected to arrive in St. Petersburg, Russia, in eight days.

  This transportation is the first batch of TIR international road transportation special shipments from the China-Shanghai Cooperation Organization Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Zone (referred to as the "SCO Demonstration Zone") after the Spring Festival. It is also the largest one-time shipment of TIR transportation vehicles in Shandong Province so far. .

  According to reports, TIR, the Convention on International Transport by Road, is a global customs clearance system in the field of international cross-border cargo transportation. It aims to improve the efficiency of customs clearance and promote the facilitation and safety of multilateral trade and international transportation by simplifying customs clearance procedures. .

  Gao Hanyu, business manager of China Transfar (SCO) International Logistics Port, said that TIR transportation does not require changing vehicles or reloading during the whole process, and can achieve "door-to-door" and "point-to-point" transportation, effectively reducing time costs and improving efficiency. Enterprise trade efficiency.

  It is reported that in September 2023, as China’s only national platform for local economic and trade cooperation with SCO countries, the SCO Demonstration Zone opened Shandong Province’s first TIR China-Russia transportation channel. The fourth international cross-border channel opened on the basis of maritime and railway transportation.

  Song Tao, deputy director of Jiaozhou Customs, a subsidiary of Qingdao Customs, said: "TIR cross-border transportation can significantly reduce the logistics time and cost of enterprises. It has obvious advantages. Combined with the convenience of supervision and customs clearance provided by customs and other departments, road transportation is truly in line with shipping, aviation, railway and other transportation. The methods complement each other and promote efficient and smooth logistics channels in the SCO Demonstration Zone."

  In order to ensure smooth TIR transportation, Jiaozhou Customs has set up a special work team to guide enterprises to improve site construction, complete TIR registration of enterprises and vehicles, and formulate specific supervision plans for TIR business. "We have established a contact and cooperation mechanism with border ports and inland logistics hubs to provide companies with one-stop services for customs clearance by appointment and the whole process." Song Tao said that in the future, Qingdao Customs will study and promote "cross-border e-commerce + TIR international "Road Transportation" new model continues to expand the scope of TIR radiation.

  Statistics show that since the opening of the TIR transport channel in the SCO Demonstration Zone, Qingdao Customs has supervised a total of 21 international cross-border road transport vehicles in the SCO Demonstration Zone, with a cargo value exceeding 10 million yuan. (over)