Iraqi Kurdistan: seven dead in fighting between the Turkish army and the PKK

In Iraqi Kurdistan, a clash between the Turkish army and PKK fighters left seven dead this Saturday, February 17, according to local media. The PKK, a Kurdish nationalist party considered terrorist by Turkey, attacked Turkish positions.

A PKK fighter stands guard in the town of Makhmur, southwest of Erbil. (illustrative image) AFP - AHMAD AL-RUBAYE

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With our correspondent in Erbil,

Théo Renaudon

The Kurdish nationalist party, an armed group entrenched in Iraq, attempted to take a hill where Turkish soldiers were positioned. One of them died in the fight, in addition to six PKK fighters. The latter, who claims to be victorious at the end of this confrontation, says he has chased the “Turkish occupier” from the area in addition to having been able to seize his weapons.

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20 Turkish soldiers killed in 3 months

This battle is added to the long list of clashes which have taken place this winter in Kurdistan since an attack in Ankara claimed by the PKK in October. From the air, Turkey has increased its bombings on Kurdish nationalists entrenched in Iraq and Syria. On land, significant movements of Turkish troops have been observed in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Turkey has 39 military bases installed specifically to fight against the PKK, which is retaliating like this Saturday, February 17. In total, 20 Turkish soldiers were killed in Kurdistan in less than three months.

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