As aging infrastructure such as bridges and waterworks becomes an issue across the country, six major companies, including JR West, NTT Group, and megabanks, have officially announced that they will jointly launch a new project to support local governments. The company aims to expand its business to more than 100 local governments by 2030.

On the 16th, six companies, including JR West, NTT Communications, Mizuho Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, and Development Bank of Japan, held a press conference in Tokyo with their top executives and the local governments responsible for maintaining and managing aging infrastructure. We have officially announced that we will jointly start a new project to support the.

This joint project is called "JCLaaS" and will support

the efficient inspection of facilities using digital technology and

the financing necessary for large-scale repairs and upgrades.


, in areas where the population is declining, we will make proposals and make adjustments for multiple local governments to work together to consolidate infrastructure.

Aging infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels, and water supplies is an issue across the country, and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism estimates that maintenance and renewal of infrastructure nationwide will cost up to 284 trillion yen over the 30 years until 2048. We estimate that.

The six companies position their business as a "platformer" that provides comprehensive support for infrastructure renewal and management, and aim to expand their business to more than 100 local governments by 2030.

JR West President Hasegawa ``We are aiming for overseas expansion''

At a press conference, JR West President Kazuaki Hasegawa said, ``The six participating companies continue to provide services that support people's lives through their respective businesses, and have a strong track record and capabilities. We aim to build a track record and eventually expand overseas."

In addition, NTT Communications President Toru Maruoka said, ``We would like to contribute to projects by utilizing digital technologies such as AI and IoT in order to solve various infrastructure-related issues and realize a sustainable society.'' Katsuhiko Kato, president of the bank, said, ``We will make full use of the know-how, execution ability, and industrial knowledge that we have cultivated over the years,'' emphasizing the bank's commitment to tackling the social issue of aging infrastructure.