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Tesla factory in Grünheide: Long detours around the southern tip of Africa

Photo: Annegret Hilse / REUTERS

At the Tesla factory in Grünheide near Berlin, production is scheduled to resume completely on Monday after a production stop due to missing parts. The supply chains are intact again and all necessary production parts are sufficiently available, the company said.

The electric car manufacturer had stopped vehicle production since January 29th after Yemeni Houthi militias attacked ships in the Red Sea. In order to avoid such attacks, the container giants had to take long detours around the southern tip of Africa, which drastically extended delivery times for components. Tesla said it continued producing in some areas, carried out maintenance work and trained employees.

The company started production east of Berlin almost two years ago. Tesla stated that its goal for the first expansion phase was to build 10,000 cars a week with around 12,000 employees. Most recently, more than 6,000 cars were built per week. According to the company, 12,500 people currently work at Tesla.

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