On February 10, the first day of the first lunar month, NIO founder, chairman and CEO Li Bin issued an internal letter to all employees, sending holiday blessings to NIO employees who stuck to their jobs during the Spring Festival.

  "The Spring Festival holiday has begun, but Weilai has not closed its doors. More than 10,000 colleagues in nearly 50 different positions are still on duty. Thank you for your hard work!" Li Bin revealed in the letter that this Spring Festival, including energy operations, service operations NIO employees in various departments, including road services, stores, R&D and manufacturing, stick to their posts and make every effort to ensure user travel and services during the holidays.

On the night of the first day of the first lunar month, a NIO service specialist trekked for three hours to reach a mountain more than 1,000 meters above sea level to help users repair damaged tires.

Jinan, Shandong Province suffered extremely heavy snowfall, and the NIO power swapping station's duty specialists were clearing snow and ice at the power swapping station to ensure travel.

  Among them, NIO’s employees in energy operations, service operations, and road services have become the main force in ensuring energy supply for users’ self-driving travel during the Spring Festival and providing emergency services. In Weilai's more than 480 stores in 48 regions across the country, nearly 5,000 salespeople are on duty to provide services to in-store users. In addition, NIO stores have also prepared New Year red envelopes, New Year family portraits, Cow House reunion dinners, New Year movie watching and other activities to create a warm festive atmosphere for users.

At 124 "road service supply stations" set up in 63 cities across the country, NIO service specialists provide hot drinks, local specialties and other supplies to users on the way.

  Li Bin disclosed in the letter that research and development work is still continuing during the holidays. NIO's vehicle engineering department is still conducting vehicle testing in various places to ensure that new vehicles are launched and delivered on time and with high quality; digital cockpit, autonomous driving, digital systems and other departments are still promoting intelligent systems Maintenance operations and iterative upgrades to handle user feedback during the holidays.

  It is reported that "the service will not close during the Spring Festival" has been Weilai's tradition for many years. On January 25, NIO announced that during the 2024 Spring Festival service guarantee work, in addition to special services such as road service supply stations and accompanying you home, it will once again launch a "free service fee for highway battery replacement" policy. From February 8 to February 18, 2024, NIO users (including users without battery swap rights) can enjoy the service fee-free policy at 774 highway battery swap stations in 11 major urban agglomerations across the country.