People's Living Room—A series of reports on "The Beginning of the Talk from Authoritative Departments"

Ministry of Culture and Tourism: Promote the continued expansion of cultural and tourism consumption to add momentum to high-quality economic development

  The Central Economic Work Conference held in 2023 made it clear that in 2024, we must focus on promoting high-quality development, highlight key points, grasp the key, and do a solid job in economic work. The meeting emphasized the need to "implement without compromise", "implement with vigor and resoluteness", "seek truth and be pragmatic in implementation" and "dare to do good and implement". This not only provides important methodological guidance for the thorough implementation of the Party Central Committee’s decisions and arrangements on economic work and solid promotion of high-quality development, but also points out the direction of our efforts to create new historical achievements in the new era and new journey.

  "Four grasps for implementation" emphasizes the unity of knowledge and action, and tests responsibility. In order to further demonstrate the positive trend of my country's economic recovery, People's Daily Online plans to launch the "People's Living Room - The Start of the Talk from Authoritative Departments" and "Hurry up when you see it right" based on the thinking and deployment of relevant ministries and commissions, local governments and central enterprises in the new year. Three series of reports, "Stem" and "State-owned Enterprises Focus on High-Quality Development", track and report on the progress of implementation, step by step, turning the beautiful blueprint of Chinese-style modernization into reality.

  In the past few days, cultural and tourism consumption has continued to be booming, and tourism in Harbin and other places has become popular. It has brightened the city with distinctive cultural and tourism products, high-quality and efficient government services, a safe and comfortable consumption environment, and the warmth and enthusiasm of all citizens. The "gold-lettered signboard" also triggered a "two-way rush from north to south."

  At present, cultural entertainment tourism is becoming a consumption growth point actively cultivated by various places. The Central Economic Work Conference requires that in 2024, new consumption growth points such as entertainment and tourism should be actively cultivated. How to complete key tasks in accordance with the deployment of the Central Economic Work Conference?

  A few days ago, Ma Li, deputy director of the Industrial Development Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, was a guest on People's Daily Online's "People's Living Room - Authoritative Departments Talk about the Start" column and said that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will implement the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference and insist on using culture to shape tourism and tourism. To promote culture through tourism, promote the deeply integrated development of culture and tourism, vigorously develop new consumption growth points such as entertainment and tourism, promote cultural and tourism consumption to shift from post-epidemic recovery to continued expansion, and promote the cultural industry and tourism to achieve effective qualitative and quantitative improvements. Reasonable growth.

Tourism will boom in 2024

"Good start" shows China's economic vitality

  "In 2024, as my country's economic recovery continues to consolidate and strengthen, the development of the cultural industry will maintain rapid growth and the tourism industry will flourish." Ma Li said, especially since New Year's Day in 2024, Harbin's ice and snow tourism has boomed out of the industry. Traditional ice and snow tourism destinations in the north are popular, and emerging tourist destinations in the south have also attracted much attention, showing that winter tourism is "hot in the north and hot in the south".

  Ma Li believes that this kind of phenomenon not only drives cultural and tourism exchanges and interactions between regions, but also promotes local regions to solidly practice their internal skills and improve the quality and service level of cultural and tourism supply, allowing tourists to experience the warmth of being one family in the Northeast and one family across the country. , contributed to the good start of the Chinese economy in the New Year, and sang the bright theory of China's economy.

  As the Spring Festival approaches, booming cultural and tourism consumption reflects my country’s economic vitality.

  "The Spring Festival is the most important traditional festival of the Chinese nation. It is expected that people's enthusiasm for visiting relatives and friends and celebrating the festival will be unprecedentedly high during this year's Spring Festival, and the demand for tourism, leisure and entertainment consumption will be concentrated." Ma Li said that during the Spring Festival, all parts of the country will be well organized During the National Spring Festival Cultural and Tourism Consumption Month activities, more than 600 million yuan in consumption subsidies were distributed to benefit the people.

  According to reports, the 600 million yuan consumption subsidy can be used to eat delicious food, stay in B&Bs, watch performances, visit scenic spots, etc., so that the people can get benefits and enterprises can really benefit. Ma Li said that in order to create a festive and warm festival atmosphere, inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture, promote the continued expansion of cultural and tourism consumption, and enhance the people's sense of happiness and gain, the following two aspects are mainly arranged:

  First, the 2024 Spring Festival themed cultural and tourism activities of "Celebrate the New Year with Joy" will be organized from January 18 (the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month) to March 11 (the second day of the second lunar month). The event consists of 25 main activities in 7 major sections, covering many fields such as people-benefiting cultural performances, public service activities, intangible cultural heritage experience and display, tourism and leisure consumption, ice and snow study tours, cultural exhibitions and exhibitions, international and domestic interactions, etc., using high-quality culture and The supply of tourism products enriches the people's festival life and meets the people's beautiful needs for celebrating the New Year.

  The second is to carry out the 2024 National Spring Festival Cultural and Tourism Consumption Month activities, implement the "Hundred Cities and Hundred Districts" financial support for cultural and tourism consumption action plan, strengthen the linkage and coordination of government, enterprises, banks and businesses, China UnionPay, relevant banks, platform companies, industry associations, etc. In response to the Spring Festival, we will launch unique measures to benefit the people and high-quality cultural and tourism products. On January 25, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism held the "Celebrate the New Year with Joy" 2024 Spring Festival Culture and Tourism Consumption Month home event in Harbin, Heilongjiang. At present, consumption month activities are being carried out across the country.

Launched five-pronged policy measures

Make great articles on "Culture+", "+Culture", "Tourism+" and "+Tourism"

  Recently, the China Tourism Academy released the "Analysis of China's Tourism Economic Operation in 2023 and Development Forecast in 2024" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report"). The report points out that the number of domestic tourists is expected to exceed 6 billion in 2024.

  Next, how will the Ministry of Culture and Tourism implement the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference? What are its specific work plans?

  "In 2024, as my country's economic recovery continues to consolidate and strengthen, the development of the cultural industry will maintain rapid growth, and the tourism industry will flourish." Ma Li said that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will play a role in cultural empowerment and tourism promotion. Do a good job in the big article of "Culture+", "+Culture", "Tourism+" and "+Tourism" to help high-quality economic and social development and continue to add luster to China's vibrant and steamy Year of the Dragon.

  The first is to cultivate new driving forces for the development of cultural industries. Implement digital empowerment cultural tourism scene construction actions, develop new business formats such as tourism performing arts, online broadcasts, digital art, brand licensing, and immersive experiences, build "small but beautiful" new performing arts spaces, and innovate and upgrade music festivals, concerts, etc. product. Build a national demonstration zone for the integrated development of cultural industry and tourism industry, and cultivate and develop new integrated business formats. Promote the construction of regional cultural industry belts, create a new batch of national-level cultural industry demonstration parks, and launch the second batch of cultural industry-empowered rural revitalization pilot projects. Implement the investment and financing promotion plan, build the second batch of national cultural and financial cooperation demonstration zones, and continue to revitalize idle and inefficient tourism projects. Implement cultural and tourism enterprise cultivation plans.

  The second is to promote the quality and upgrading of the tourism industry. Promote the implementation of the State Council's "Several Measures to Release the Potential of Tourism Consumption and Promote High-Quality Development of the Tourism Industry" and implement the "Domestic Tourism Enhancement Plan (2023-2025)". Accelerate the construction of world-class tourist attractions and resorts, implement high-quality rural tourism projects and good life leisure and vacation projects, and improve the "urban leisure" and "rural vacation" product systems. Cultivate new business formats such as ice and snow tourism, industrial tourism, sports tourism, and cruise tourism. Implement the smart tourism innovative development action plan. Develop guidelines for the green development of tourist attractions. Promote the standardized and healthy development of study tourism and launch a number of high-quality routes, courses and high-quality study tourism bases and camps. Cultivate brands such as "travel with performances" and "travel with events", and develop integrated businesses such as tea culture tourism and wellness culture tourism. Promote the integrated development of culture and tourism industries with food, sports, health care and other fields, so that people can understand culture, cultivate sentiments, experience life and enjoy health during travel.

  The third is to vigorously promote cultural and tourism consumption. Focusing on key periods such as holidays and summer, cultural and tourism consumption promotion activities will be held throughout the year to stimulate potential consumption. Implement the "Hundred Cities and Hundred Districts" cultural and tourism consumption action plan, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei collaborative development action plan for culture and tourism consumption, and the three northeastern provinces' coordinated development of ice and snow economy and regional cooperation action plan for cultural and tourism consumption, and give full play to the national cultural and tourism consumption model city , the role of pilot cities in promoting the innovative development of national night culture and tourism consumption clusters. We will organize the "May 19 China Tourism Day" event, organize the "Travel China for a Better Life" publicity and promotion event, and hold special activities such as the creative promotion of tourism based on the 24 solar terms. Promote the healthy development of the cultural and tourism exhibition industry.

  The fourth is to prosper and develop culture and tourism trade. Build and make good use of the national foreign cultural trade base, and provide good services to key enterprises and key projects. We will enrich and expand the “Colorful Chinese Festival Goodies” cultural and tourism trade promotion activities. Implement the inbound tourism promotion plan, strengthen the coordination and linkage between departments, coordinate and solve the problems of visa clearance, international flights, tourism services, etc., and strengthen the overseas promotion of the "Hello! China" national tourism image.

  The fifth is to focus on improving service quality. Guide travel agencies, online travel companies, etc. to operate with integrity in accordance with the law, increase the supply of high-quality tourism products, and optimize the tourism consumption environment. Strengthen the supervision of business activities such as tourism, online culture, cultural entertainment, Internet services, commercial performances, etc., and standardize business behaviors. Strengthen industry training and value guidance, guide tour guides and other practitioners to standardize their practice, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Implement the production safety responsibility system to ensure safe travel for tourists and a stable and orderly market. Adhere to the sharing of hosts and guests, advocate civilized tourism, and welcome tourists from all over the world with warmth and friendliness. (People's Daily Online reporter Xu Weina and Wang Tianle)