During the Spring Festival holiday, apart from visiting relatives, many people choose to embark on a journey to see distant places. This year, the railway department has also carefully built many new lines and folk tourist trains for passengers, allowing passengers to smoothly reach "distant places" to enjoy the scenery before the journey becomes a rare scenery.

  The Fuxing tourist train from the ancient city of Xi'an to Chongqing set off on February 11. This is the first Year of the Dragon Spring Festival themed tourist train run by the Xi'an State Railway Bureau. The train runs for five days. Lanterns and blessing characters are hung on the train. After arriving in Chongqing, tourists can also taste authentic hot pot and Chuanchuan Xiang, and experience the unique food culture and folk scenery of the mountain city.

  In the Northeast, the high-end tourist train "Hulunbuir", which integrates tourism, catering, accommodation, leisure and entertainment, has become a new choice for ice and snow tourism during the Spring Festival. The train crosses Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang, with a total route of nearly 2,500 kilometers.

Hulun Buir train conductor Pang Dequn:

Along the way, you can see the quaint reindeer of Aolulu, the Ice and Snow Carnival of the Ice and Snow World, the northernmost post office, the "Golden Rooster Crown", Songyuan Park and other natural attractions. Have fun and have fun.

  The Fangdong Railway was put into use for the Spring Festival for the first time. This Spring Festival attracted tourists from China and Vietnam. The train operation plan of Dongxing City Station has been optimized, with 10 trains running every day, covering all morning, noon and evening periods. It can reach Fangchenggang North Station in 19 minutes at the fastest and Nanning East Station in 1 hour and 13 minutes.

  During the Spring Festival holiday, the Kunming Bureau of the National Railways launched two tourist trains from Jade Dragon Snow Mountain to the tropical rainforest, with a total running time of about 14 hours. The meter-gauge train in Shiping County, Yunnan has been decorated with elements of the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon. During the period from the seventh day of the Lunar New Year to the second day of February when the dragon raises its head, guests with the word "dragon" in their name or whose zodiac sign is dragon can come to Shiping Station Get a free trial ticket.

  (CCTV reporter Zheng Liankai)